Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New York City - The Next Student Travel Destination

New York City is famous for its diversity of ethnic cuisines so wander around and should you find a location that looks interesting, look it over. NYC is really the most popular destination in the Earth, and for good reason. It is the most populated city in the United States. It is the most populous city in the United States. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason. It is one of the major film capitals of the world. No matter when you decide to go to New York City, we will be able to help you make the the majority of your journey.

There are distinct itineraries for the city based on the length of your trip. Viator VIP tours are available from other 3rd-party online sellers like taking an airplane tour NYC and enjoying the city that never sleeps from above. If you like theatrical trips, there are lots of Off-Off-Broadway theatres to select from. If you like latin dancing, you can find many salsa clubs in NYC or just some local places to enjoy the music.

If you intend to go to the city of New York you'll surely require a hotel to stay. There are over 200 hotels to pick from, creating a visit to New York City accessible for practically any traveler. You can try airbnb but with the current regulations there are fewer choices that in other cities. Staying in other than Manhattan neighborhoods such as Bushwick in Brooklyn or Astoria in Queens can be even more accessible and cost much less.

As New York City is a microcosm of earth, the cuisines from every significant ethnic group are available here. It is one of the most iconic locations in the world and many people dream of moving there, despite its rightful reputation for being a tough place to live. It is a desirable student travel destination with many educational and recreational opportunities to offer - you can check  free things to do in NYC to find many freebies throughout the year thus making it affordable even for students.

You are able to hail a cab any place in the city just by stepping to the closest curb and raising your hand to signal the taxis that you are looking for a ride. If you want to ride the buses or subway then you need to purchase a MetroCard. In addition, there are adequate recharging stations that have been provided. The subways are open 24 hours each day, seven days per week. One of the greatest approaches to get around is via the subway, but you have to be mindful about it.

If you're arranging a visit to New York, the holidays are the ideal time to visit.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Crafting a Flawless Economics Research Paper

Perfecting a research paper in Economics is one of the major concerns for most of the Economics students. A research paper reflects the highlighting areas of the researcher’s operations and surveys, so the primary concern of the paper is to make the data available to other researchers. Identifying the priorities in the chosen grounds of research is the main motto of submitting a research paper.

When it comes to Economics, students often end up being too confused with the format and tone they have to maintain while writing their research papers. The purpose of presenting a research paper in Economics is to prove that you are a dilettante of the Economics theory. Therefore, every Economics paper requires fresh concepts of the distinguished aspects of Economics. 

Structuring an Economics Research Paper
There is a specific structure in Economics research paper writing that you have to follow for upgrading your marks. This structure has been chosen by the top Economists for representing the research work in a better way. 

Have a glimpse… 

The header must be crisp and has to include the name of the author or authors along with their addresses, degrees in academics, and etc. Make sure you are not occupying too much of space while writing your title. 

The beginning lines should refer to the purpose of your research on the concerned filed, the hardships you have gone through during the research, and your contribution to the world through your research. Moreover, through the introductory paragraph, you have to drag your readers’ attention by inspiring them to read through the whole paper. The best way to convince your readers is establishing the results of the research before going into the details. 

Approaching Section
This segment reflects the methodology that you have adopted while continuing your research analysis. To be crisper, you have to mention the models you have made use of during your research and the procedure of analyzing the admissible data. 

Showcasing the Outcomes
Place all the results of the research work in an orderly manner and mention the quality and quantity of the outcomes. This portion evidently scrutinizes the productivity of your research work. So ensure that you are not ignoring any of the segments. 

The statements you have involved in the results section must be interpreted in this particular section. Extract detailed explanations of the outcomes and represent what you have discovered during the research period. 

Data Overview
Now you have to jot down the information you are making use of along with the time period when the data was found, its loopholes, strengths, and resources. Linking the statistics with the right pieces of evidence is necessary, so you must not forget to note down the deviations. 

Most of the students make the same mistake by writing down the whole research work in the ending lines and end up making the concluding paragraph too lengthy. Don’t be one of them and highlight only the unavoidable sharp ends in the ending section of your Economics research paper. Additionally, ensure that the conclusion is crusty and fresh for leaving a great impact on the readers’ minds. 

Literature Review
This is a major portion of every research paper presentation. The queries you are dwelling on through your analysis is possibly not a fresh one. Therefore, assemble and mention a small critique of the research of different writers and scientists. The best way to do that is to make a diagram or represent the data through a tabular format. 

Things to Avoid
These are the don’ts followed by every essay writing service providers. So ignore these in your research paper writing.
  • Plagiarized content.
  • Grammatical errors.
  • Involving the table of content
  • Too much usage of the future tense.
  • Expressing procrastination in writing.
  • Recapitulating the similar lines all over again

Wrapping Up
In case you are still not successful enough in presenting a better Economics research paper, you can evidently hire an expert writer and ask him/her, “write my paper” for uplifting your grades.
However, being coherent and precise is always the best way to grab your readers’ attention. Additionally, you must read an ample number of research papers written by others before you start writing your own. This way you can get a better idea to implement your research work through your writing.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

3 Situations Where You Can Consider Buying An Essay

There are a lot of students that consider using essay writing services. Engaging a professional writing or editing services is more common than you probably realize. There are any number of reasons that someone might choose this solution to their writing needs, whether they struggle with writing in a particular language, don’t have time due to other priorities, or simply want to produce the best possible final draft, everyone’s reasons are their own. Here we will look a little more closely at some of the most common reasons that someone might choose to buy an essay .
When you don’t have time
We will start with the most obvious and likely most relatable reason. Whether it is an event you must attend, your job, or family obligations, there are times when you simply aren’t able to complete an essay within a given deadline. In these cases, what’s the better option? Rush through the assignment and turn in an inferior essay? Not do it at all and take the penalty? Or engage an essay service to get it done well and on time so the rest of your hard work in that class doesn’t go to waste. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, but there are always options. 

When you are stuck with another subject
While everyone has certain topics or assignment types they are fluent in, there are usually other subjects or tasks that will make them pull their hair out. Do you want to wager your academic success on your strong areas making up for your weaker ones, or do you want to engage any resource possible for the best possible outcome? Whether you allow a service to cover the topics you already understand while you focus on improving your problem areas or seek out direct help with those problem areas, the end result will be better than trying to do it all alone. 

When you don’t want to fail
We don’t always get to pick which courses or assignments are the most critical to our ultimate goals. There will come a time when you are looking at a truly critical task, a make or break moment. Ideally your academic career has prepared you for that moment, that final challenge before completing the semester or maybe even your entire degree. But if you have any doubts or if you just want to be absolutely sure of your success, know that there are professionals out there waiting to help you knock it out of the park.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Ways Your Plumbing System Can Harm You and Your Loved Ones

Your home is that one place where you and your loved ones can feel safe. Unlike the great outdoors or certain parts of the big city, you’ll never have to worry about being in danger in your humble abode. That may be the case but there will always be some sort of harm that can fall upon you or your family.

One of the many causes for you to be harmed is your residence’s plumbing system. Your source of water and the fixtures that make this possible can deteriorate in time and make your stay at home more dangerous. It’s better to be informed about how your plumbing system can be harmful to you. As such, here are some causes you should be aware of.

Water fixtures being placed near electrical sockets or appliances

You can expect a lot of mayhem when even just one drop of water enters an electrical socket. The result will be chaos and your whole electrical system will short out. This can only happen if there’s a faucet or shower head near an electrical socket.

If you’re not that careful, you might get electrocuted and get hurt in the process. It’s better to assess the position of these sockets and plumbing fixtures to make sure there is a generous amount of distance between them. Remember, it’s better to prevent this kind of accident rather than deal with its outcome.

Allowing mold to grow

The air you’re breathing inside your home should be pristine and free from any kind of contaminant. Otherwise, you’re going to get some sort of respiratory disease and find yourself getting weaker by the day. One of the foremost contaminants inside a residence is mold. Basically, this kind of dirt thrives in damp and dark places, such as the areas under the kitchen sink or the toilet.

Once mold starts to grow and multiply, you’ll notice it by the dark patches of dirt in these places. These spots filled with mold will then contaminate the air inside your home and make you sick.

The best course of action is to clean these places regularly and ensuring no water is leaking. The problem is, plumbing leaks can be quite tricky. They hide in place where they’re hard to find. Ask for assistance from plumber Singapore pros to locate these leaks and stop them.

Slippery floors because of water leaks

When you’re caught unaware, you might slip and fall because of water on the floor. This can happen in your bathroom or in the kitchen where water is always used. When this happens, you can break your bones and sustain a major injury. This problem can be amplified if there is water leaking from your house’s pipes or plumbing fixtures. Better be on the lookout for any trace of water on the floor and find its source right away. Once you’ve found where it comes from, you can enact the appropriate solution. Plus, you should also make the effort to mop and dry your floors to prevent any case of slippage.

Just when we think that the electrical system is the main cause for home accidents, we have learned today that our plumbing structure can also lead to mishaps. Let’s address the issue by tackling its roots and preventing them from harming our family.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tips For Installing 2 Piece SS Ball Valve

If you’ve been a while in processing or manufacturing industry, then you should be familiar with the 2 piece SS ball valve. It’s widely used in home-scale to industrial-scale business. This the simplest SS ball valve which only has on/off mode to control the liquid flow. It’s practical and has the basic function for manufacturing and processing. The 2 piece SS ball valve is widely available in the market. If you’re going to install one in your home or factory please consider these following tips. Kp-Lok

1. Space Clearance

It’s very important to clean the work area, where you want to install or repair the valves. Two basic clearances include the pipe fitting and the tools. the target of installation should be ready for fitting or repairs. Ensure that any tools and equipment for installation are accessible during the installation or repairs. This step includes the completeness of the total amount of parts should be installed.

2. Turning Off Supply

Before starting the works, you need to stop any gas or liquid supply from sources. Turn off any possible supplies which can ruin your work. This is the main precaution step to prevent any failures. Stopping the flow it’s not only from the beginning, you can turn on the valve only if it’s totally installed.

3. Cleaning Parts

Even though you’re buying parts in packages, you still need to ensure the cleanliness. It might not be from the parts but tools, ensure that they're properly cleaned before used. The cleanliness becomes more important as you’re going to install 2 piece SS ball valve for anti-contaminant purposes.

4. 3D Surrounding Area

It doesn’t matter if you can install a neat system but it doesn’t work. Sometimes, the plumbing system can be the complex ones. You need to ensure that the 2 inch SS ball valves you want to install is moveable and easy to modulate the liquid flow of the whole processing. Avoid installing the valves against the wall or other space similar to. It’s very important to consider the 3D space surrounding the valves, ensure that the valves are operable towards these dimensions. A simulation before fixing the installation would be a great help.

5. Knowing the limits

All DIY installation of the 2 inch SS ball valves may go well for the less complex plumbing system. However, when it goes too far, you may face unsolved difficulties. That may be the best time to have professional plumber stands by. In fact, you can consult before executing any installation plan. If it’s possible, look for the valve vendors which provide the after sales services and free consultation. An industrial application which requires hundred to thousand 2 inch SS ball valves certainly requires a professional work.

It’s very important to note that some industrial application may require different installation method. It includes how you connect the valves and pipes. That’s why a prior consultation would be a great step to take. Safety is the main concern if you’re going to install the 2 inch SS ball valve by your own.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Top 10 Sustainable and Specialty Career Choices for Nurses

The 31 nursing career options are considered by a decent and inviting salary, work setting and the demand factors for professionals who intend to actualize their career dreams in nursing. The professional intellect captured in this article may act as a perfect platform for discovering your specialty career in nursing. The data is gathered from 

1. Certified Dialysis Nurse
Certified dialysis is perceived as one of the fasted growing areas of specialty in a nursing career. A certified dialysis nurse has the professional competency of solving severe Kidney problems. 

How to become a certified dialysis nurse?
To become a dialysis nurse, professional needs to be highly experienced regarding expertise and patient care programs. For instance, a competent and a certified dialysis nurse is required to have 2000 hours of experience in handling complications related to nephrology and dialysis patients within a time frame of two years. Additionally, a certified dialysis nurse is required to have an accomplished an extra educational program in nephrology and must have an RN license. By and large, a certified dialysis nurse must have the capability to pass a certification test that may require additional nursing help

Latest Growth Trends in a certified dialysis nursing
The growth trends are expected to shoot to 19% to 27% by 2022. 

Certified Dialysis Nurse Salary
A decent dollar amount awarded to a highly experienced and a certified dialysis nurse is $63,500 a year. 

2. Legal Nurse Consultant
A certified legal nurse has the obligation of using his/her professional insight to give consultancy services on matters of medical lawsuits. A legal nurse consultant gives a broader perspective of the entire healthcare system. 

How to become a legal nurse consultant
To become a legal nurse consultant, an ambitious professional will need a registered nurse license. Besides, it is fundamental to note that BSN is not always required for this profession. 

What are the job growth trends for a legal nurse consultant?
The current job growth trends stagnate at 20% but are expected to grow to 27% by 2022. 

Legal nurse consultant salary
A registered legal nurse consultant earns $62,100 a year. 

3. Nurse Midwife
The professional role of a nurse midwife is to help deliver babies. In this context, a nurse midwife offers professional health care services before, during and after the baby is delivered. Such health care services are given to both the mother and the baby. Nurse-midwife has the authority to provide family planning advice as well as conducting both the prenatal and postnatal healthcare services. Besides, a nurse midwife has an obligation of performing gynecological exams. 

How to become a nurse midwife
Becoming a nurse midwife requires a nursing professional to have a master of science in nursing. Additionally, a midwife specialty program will spice it up. 

Job growth trends for nurse midwife.
The job growth trends for nurse midwife are expected to shoot to 31% by 2022. 

Nurse midwife Salary
A nurse-midwife earns $79,000 a year. 

4. Nurse Anesthetist
A nurse anesthetist has the professional authority to provide anesthesia to patients during the surgery process. Besides, anesthetists offer healthcare services to patients during their entire time in the operation. 

How to become a nurse anesthetist
Becoming a nurse anesthetist requires a professional to have a minimum of two years’ experience as a nurse. Also, it is necessary that any professional with the intention of becoming an anesthetist must have a BSN before getting the opportunity to register as an MSN in anesthesia nursing program. It may also be an idealistic requirement to have a doctoral degree. 

Job growth Trends for Anesthetists
The statistical job growth trend is expected to shoot to 22% by 2022. 

Nurse anesthetist Salary
A nurse anesthetist earns $154,300 a year. 

5. Nurse Case Manager
The professional role of a nurse case manager is to monitor the progress of patients regarding their response to treatment. In a case where a patient does not respond to treatment, a nurse case manager suggests alternative treatment options. 

How to become a nurse case manager
A nurse case manager is expected to have a certain experience in RN-MSN programs in a bid to gain mileage in nurse case management option. 

Nurse case manager salary
A nurse case manager earns $68,032 a year. 

6. Nurse Educator
Nurse educators are perceived as extremely passionate professionals with the capability of teaching and offering their clinical expertise in designing, evaluating and implementing educational programs for professional nurses in colleges and universities. 

How to become a nurse educator
An experienced and a highly competitive nurse educator must have a doctoral or master’s degree in nursing 

Job growth trends for a nurse educator
Currently, based on the statistical projection, the job growth for nurse educators stagnates at 17% but is expected to grow to 19% by 2022. 

Nurse educator salary
The most competent and highly experienced nurse educator earns $65,000 a year. 

7. Nurse Practitioner
Nurse practitioners must provide both primary and specialty healthcare services. In most cases, nurse practitioners collaborate with medics. However, some developed states award nurse practitioners the opportunity to own their clinics. 

How to become a nurse practitioner
It is a fundamental requirement that a nurse practitioner must have an RN license and a master’s degree in nursing. 

Job growth trends for nurse practitioners
Based on the statistical projection, the job growth trend for nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 25% in the year 2022 

Nurse practitioners Salary
A nurse practitioner earns $94,000 a year. 

8. Nurse Researcher
The professional obligation of a nurse researcher is to create reports on the data gathered and the analytics executed in the field of nursing. The principal requirement of a nurse researcher is to improve medical and health care services in every corner of the globe. 

How to become a nurse researcher
In as much as a registered nurse with a background in BSN have the advantage of getting the position of a nurse researcher, a nursing professional with a master’s degree in nursing stands a better chance of getting this job. Besides, getting an opportunity to become a nurse researcher requires additional guidance from professional homework helpers in the field of nursing. 

Job growth trends
The trend is expected to shoot to 26% by 2022 

Nurse Researcher Salary
A nurse researcher earns $90,000 a year. 

9. Informatics Nurse
Informatics nurses are data analysts who provide data on health care services to medics. Informatics nurses also offer training programs for nurses, patients, doctors and the entire health care providers on matters of updated applications 

How to become an informatics nurse
To become an informatics nurse, a professional must have at least a BSN. However, professionals with a master’s degree in health informatics stand a better chance of getting this job. Additionally, professionals with an MSN in quality healthcare management may quickly reach the position of an informatics nurse. 

Job growth trends for the position of an informatics nurse
The trend is expected to grow up to 26% in the year 2022. 

An informatics nurse earns $83,000 a year. 

10. Endocrinology Pediatric Nurse
Pediatric nurses who are specialized in handling issues related to endocrinology have the obligation of providing special healthcare attention to children who have registered extreme suffering in disorders tampering with their endocrine system. Besides, a pediatric endocrinology nurse has a role in educating parents about issues related to sexual development. 

How to become a pediatric endocrinology nurse
A pediatric endocrinology nurse must have an RN license as well as a two years experience in pediatric-endocrinology issues. 

Job growth trends
The trend is expected to grow to 26% in the year 2022. 

A pediatric endocrinology nurse earns $81,000 a year.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Useful Resources For Studying Economics

Economics is a conceptual subject and need attention in order to clear up the exam. Many students fail due to a lack of understanding of the concepts described in each chapter. In order to cover up all topics and get the best grades in the exam, it is important to have the proper guide related to the subject. There are many ways through which the economic students can take guideline without paying heavy duty pay to tutor or buying expensive books. Only there is a need for some good search and effort related to the subject. 

Some of the important JC A Level Economics Tuition Singapore that may help the students to coverup their chapters in economic subjects are. 

Getting online tuition
There are many internet web pages who provide access to the students for online tuitions. They have A Level Econs Tuition Resources and prepared lectures on their site that they provide to the students. The information in the site is usually precised and described in such manner that student can easily understand. The student can sign in to get the online guidance as well as pay some fee to get the online lecture without inconvenience. 

Usually, the material is also available for teachers so that they can teach to their students in a proper way. 

Online books to get the best help
In the internet world, nothing is impossible to access. Get the help for the economic subject through online books available in pdf format. Simply download the free version and get help for the topic that needs to study. Some simple files are also available on the internet that describes information related to a chapter in tabulated form or in form of charts or diagrams. By getting access to that pages one can easily understand the concept and learn it in a short time. for example, to learn monopoly and perfect comp, a comparison diagram is available. One can download the picture and understand the concept in short time without difficulty. 

Getting the help of economic journals.
The economic students doing research can get help from the journals present on the internet. By thoroughly reading these sources, he can easily get an idea for writing his own journal and can save his time. Go through different journals, get an idea for writing style and create the best one to get the best grades in final exams. 

There are different websites present which provide a lot of material related to the subject. The information is present in simple words that one can easily understand and prepare for his exam without inconvenience.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How To Get Started With Your Freelance Writing Business

Lately, you’ve been thinking of turning your talent for writing into a freelance writing business. There are lots of people making money out there in the gig economy, and the fact that so many businesses are operating online makes it easier to find clients. Some people make money writing blog posts like “ What is a Drop Shipping Business? ” and others write articles like “5 Ways to Save Money On Your Montreal Honeymoon.” Whether you think you’ll focus on something like business or travel or want to become a writer who generates all kinds of different content, you know there are clients out there who need it. But you aren’t exactly sure how to get started. 

Luckily, there are some great strategies you can use to get started. It’s all about getting the right experience and certifications, working on your online presence, and finding your clients. Here’s how. 

Write as much as you can--and get certified
Nothing’s going to prove to your clients that you’re great at writing as much as experience in that field. In any career in general, experience is important, but when it comes to something like writing, this is even more the case. With so many writers out there, claiming that they’ve mastered SEO and can get their clients high ROI, the best way to prove it is with experience. You might be thinking, “But how do I get experience in the first place if I need it to get a job?” 

One great option is working for free. Even though this isn’t ideal in the long-term, writing about something you’re passionate about --whether that’s travel or beauty tips--can quickly build up your portfolio. You can find a startup on and contact them, offering to write for free in exchange for adding it to your résumé and getting writing credits. Additionally, think about volunteering as a writer for your favorite local organization. Volunteers are always necessary to make newsletters more interesting and content better so that donors are more likely to give money for good causes. 

It’s also smart to get certified. Enough writing credits, along with a certification in specialized tech writing or mastery of SEO or social media, will make you stand out. And there are plenty of resources that are free; HubSpot, for example, offers free writing and online marketing certifications. Considering that 72 percent of marketers worldwide said that relevant content creation was the most effective SEO strategy, having as much knowledge as you can of both writing and online marketing will make a huge difference in getting clients. 
Set up a great website
Once you’ve built up a great writing portfolio and worked hard on your certifications, it makes sense to create a website. After all, you need a place where your clients can find you and learn about what a great writer you are. Take a look at what other content writers are doing, and decide what you want your niche writing specialty to be; someone who writes for nonprofits is going to have a different look than someone who writes for cryptocurrency startups. If you’re not sure where to get started, see what your competitors are doing. 

In addition to having a minimalist look and a main page that shows what you do, your site should include an “about me” page where you can talk about your certifications, experience, and education. Additionally, show off your writing with a portfolio, and a blog. Having a blog will up your SEO, so write about subjects related to your work. For example, you can write about SEO tips for writers; that way, a client looking for writers who specialize in SEO is more likely to run into your page and check out your information. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to make your site mobile-friendly. Four out of five consumers use their smartphone to shop, and this number is only going to grow over time. Read up on how to optimize your site for mobile, and think about going mobile-first to up your SEO. 

Find your customers
Finally, you need to get the word out about your new business. Eventually, you’ll have enough clients that they’ll start recommending you to others; but in the beginning, you need to find creative ways to find them. Social media is a huge part of this. Create social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and engage constantly with clients. Use the right hashtags, make your Instagram account one for business, and create a social media calendar so that you’re posting at the most effective times.

Additionally, don’t forget about creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business! LinkedIn has over 500 million members , so make connections there, too. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, your freelance writing business will start growing. 
What kind of writing would you work on as a freelancer, ideally?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Learning

With more than three billion social media users worldwide, it’s likely that everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to carry on a conversation with someone while they browse through Instagram or scroll through Facebook. It can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to convey something important or to teach or educate the person you’re talking to. Social media is a big part of almost everything these days—businesses use it to extend their reach and boost their brand, and people who have a lot of Facebook friends or who get a lot of Instagram followers are even using it as their business. It has even become a part of the classroom as approximately 13 percent of educators polled throughout the US report having integrated social media as part of the education they provide their students. 

Many educators and parents are hesitant to embrace the concept of using social media as a learning tool, and it’s understandable as to why. With personal experiences trying to talk to their students and children as they browse and having nothing get through, it is easy to assume that incorporating social media into learning would have the same result. However, when implemented correctly and under a specified set of guidelines and rules, social media can be successfully incorporated into learning and can enhance the entire experience. The following are just a few ways that social media can be used in an educational setting: 

It Can be Used as a Connection to Experts
There are experts out there for everything. Whether students are studying history, psychology, science, or politics, there are multiple experts that they can turn to to get more information on the topic, ask questions, and even receive help with an assignment. And thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to access those experts, ask questions, and get responses in (almost) real-time. 

It Can be Used as a Way to Collaborate
Collaboration is an extremely important part of education. It gives students the chance to figure out how to work with other people who have different personality types, and it gives them different points of view and extra resources in addition to what they have available already. Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Slack, and many other social sites all make it easy and possible for students to collaborate, even if they can’t get together in person. 

It Can be Used as a Way to Communicate
Educators often need to provide information about assignments, updates, details about upcoming school events, etc. but students often lose papers, don’t always pay attention, and don’t always retain what they’re told. Using social media to create a class page that students can reference for information on everything from their latest assignment to a newsletter from their teacher is a great and effective way to communicate since many students are using social media recreationally already. 

It Can be Used to Provide Additional Resources
As great as textbooks can be, because of the different learning styles each student has and because the information in textbooks is not always explained in a way that everyone fully understands, sometimes additional resources are necessary. In those cases, social media sites like YouTube can be used to share videos—whether created by the teacher or not—that explain a concept better or give more background or information on a subject than is available in the textbook. 

It Can be Used to Group Topics and Subjects Together
According to a survey, 94 percent of students say they would like to be able to use their smartphones in class for learning purposes. When not in class, students are undoubtedly using their phones, tablets, and other smart devices to help them study and gather information anyway. Even if educators prefer not to let students use their phones while in class, they can use social media and social media tools like hashtags to help group topics and subjects together, making it easier for students to find the specific things they need to study directly on their phones. 

It Can Help Students Improve their Skills
Sometimes the best way to learn and improve is to do something. For example, an educator teaching an English or writing class may require students to blog on a daily or weekly basis as part of their homework. They can then easily have other peers provide feedback either in the comments or class, helping each other learn and grow as they apply the concepts they’ve learned and practice them in real life through their own school-related blogs. 

It Can be Used to Showcase and Highlight
Everybody wants to feel valued and appreciated, no matter their age or status in life—when people feel appreciated, they tend to go above and beyond and try harder. Highlighting and showcasing students and their work is a great way to help show them that they are appreciated and is easily done through social media on school accounts. According to a survey, only 46 percent of students reported feeling they were a valued member of their school, but it’s possible that number could improve with more student recognition and appreciation. 

Do you think social media should be used as part of the learning experience? Why or why not?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How To Finally Write Your First Novel

When it comes to writing, it’s one of your favorite things in the world. For as long as you can remember, you were always staying up late reading, and telling stories to your friends, one you made up as if they’d been pulled out of thin air. As you got older, you discovered that being a writer was something people actually did, and that it was something you could study. You learned about the struggles that novelists have faced throughout the ages, from Melville to Hemingway to J.K. Rowling, and the tales inspired you. You love reading, and you love writing, and now you’ve been thinking that you want to write your first novel. 

Maybe you’ve started before, but gotten stuck. Maybe you’ve been too scared to start. Whatever your reason might be, it’s time to put that reason aside and start writing. Because if you use the right strategies, you can finally make your dream of writing a novel come true.

Have a plan

Writing a novel is a huge commitment. And like with any huge commitment, whether that’s a musician writing an entire album in a year or a web designer designing a video production company’s about us page along with the rest of their website, you need to plan ahead. If you’re going to write your novel in a year, you have to think about how long you want it to be, and how many words you’re going to be writing every week (approximately). Just like with any work, you have to plan days off, and you also have to make room for the inevitable days when you can’t seem to write, whether it’s because you’re too stressed or because you’re simply stuck. 

Creating an actual calendar is a great start. Once you've done that, decide how you’re going to schedule your days around writing. Are you going to wake up at 5 a.m., write for an hour before heading off to work? Or do you prefer to go at the end of the day, after pumping up your endorphins at the gym? Whatever works, create a schedule and stick to it. 

Remember, even George Lucas had a plan to back up his dream of writing the films that changed American culture. Not bad, considering that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the highest-grossing science fiction movie as of July 2018.

Create a writing routine

In addition to a set plan, you need a routine. By creating special habits--rituals, even--around your writing, you’ll get more inspired than you would otherwise. And when you’re writing day in and day out, that little extra bit of inspiration and permission to write makes a huge difference. For some writers, it can become almost an obsession. Here’s Maya Angelou’s routine , for example: 

“I rent a hotel room for a few months, leave my home at six, and try to be at work by six-thirty. To write, I lie across the bed, so that this elbow is absolutely encrusted at the end, just so rough with callouses. I never allow the hotel people to change the bed, because I never sleep there… I insist that all things are taken off the walls. I don’t want anything in there. I go into the room and I feel as if all my beliefs are suspended. “ 

Now, not everyone can afford a hotel room, especially considering that the average rate of an NYC hotel room in the first quarter of 2017 was $257 a night . But a cheap alternative is visiting an art gallery before writing, or going for an inspiring walk listening to music that makes you think about your characters and setting. Rereading your favorite books, even just a couple pages before you start writing, is another great way to get inspired. That way, when you sit down at the same spot in that same cafe, you’ll be ready to tackle the work ahead. 

 Join a writing community

Once you’ve forced yourself to start writing at set hours, and created a ritual that gets you writing, it’s time to become part of the writing world. Because writing is such a solitary art form, it can be easy to forget why you got started in the first place. By subscribing to magazines like Poets & Writers, and joining a local writing workshop, you can start sharing your work with others. Even though you might not feel ready when you first start writing, by the time you’ve gotten to chapter 5, it can help to have a second reader. 

You’ll also hold yourself accountable by having a writing a partner or joining a writing class. And you’ll also have the opportunity to have your work critiqued, which will help you master different elements of fiction and motivate you to improve. 

Considering that US book sales rose 2.6 percent from 2016 to 2017, it’s a great time to get started.
By using these strategies, you can finally write your first novel. It’s a challenge, but it’s one worth undertaking. What makes you most anxious about writing your first novel, and how do you plan to overcome these issues?

The Love – 20 Signs Of A Perfect Relationship

Even though divorce rates keep going up and loneliness is becoming epidemic, you can still meet couples who seem to have managed to build what can be called a perfect relationship. According to spellshelp, every fourth marriage and 3 out of 5 love affairs fall apart. Unfortunately, when people realize they have made a mistake, it is usually too late to change anything. 

This article has been written, above all, for the people who do not know yet their relationship is perfect, so they think about ending it once in a while. Well, probably you should take a closer look at the person you are dating because it is quite likely this person is the one you can be happy with in the long run. To help you figure it out, below are 20 signs of a perfect relationship. 

1. You feel safe with your partner because you know you will be taken care of and supported no matter what. 

2. You cannot help thinking there is something mystical about your relationship. You know your relationship is not an accident, you are destined to be together, or you met each other thanks to some love spell, which is not true of course, but these feelings are too strong to ignore. 

3. There are some invisible bonds between you and your partner. Thus, you can feel each other at a distance. You take your phone in your hand 3 seconds before you get a call from your partner. You can foresee changes in your partner’s feelings for you and you know for sure when your partner loves you more or less than usual. 

4. You never feel ashamed or awkward around your partner. You are who you are with this person and you do not need to pretend to be someone else. You can be yourself and be honest with your partner. When you screw up, your partner turns it into a joke and never blames you for anything.
5. Your partner always tries to do something nice to you. Your partner thinks about you and remembers what your dreams are, so you always really like the gifts and surprises you get from your partner. Your partner knows what you want. 

6. Similarly, you know your partner very well. However, this knowledge can be useless or even harmful to your relationship, unless you have done something nice for your partner in not more than three weeks. 

7. You never get bored when you are together. You never feel like spending a weekend apart or taking a break from your relationship. On the contrary, you want to spend as much time together as possible. You are drawn to each other as if one of the love spells has been put on you which neither you nor your partner can resist. 

8. You make plans for the future. When you think about what your life will be in a month, six months or in a year, you always picture yourself together with your partner. Your partner mentions you as well while talking about the future. At least this is the way your partner sees it. 

9. It is okay for you to talk about your ex’s. Neither of you ever compares the other to any of your ex’s. By the way, you should remember that regardless of what you say about your ex, it still works to your disadvantage because it only means one thing – you are still thinking about your ex. 

10. You are okay without sex. You can go for two or three weeks without it. If your partner is mad at you for not wanting to have sex, think if you really want to be with a person like this who does not respect you enough. 

11. Yes, you fight from time to time. You can even shout and curse at each other, but it does not matter. What matters is how fast you make up. The sooner it happens and you forget about your fight and move on, the better you are as a couple. For example, if your relationship is actually perfect (you are so happy together that people assume you have used a love spell), you can smile at each other two minutes after having a big fight. 

12. Now let us check out your social media account. It turns out you have not updated it for a while by posting new photos and videos. It is a great sign indicating you enjoy your real life more than the virtual one. 

13. At the same time, it is okay for you to be away from each other for some time if that is what you have to do. You are not terrified by it and know that you will be rewarded for it eventually when you see each other again and get to enjoy each other’s company. 

14. You do not gossip about each other while talking to others. You want to protect each other. Besides, it is your personal life and you want to keep it private. 

15. You help each other with money, advice and just general support in life. 

16. You know you can rely on each other when one of you gets sick. 

17. Importantly, you are very comfortable sleeping with each other, no matter how narrow the bed is. There is one thing though which does not indicate your relationship is not perfect. If your partner snores at night and you do not sleep well because of it, just go sleep in another room and this little change may ultimately save your relationship or marriage. 

18. You do not have to go out to have fun. You like your life the way it is and you are fine spending a month at home, as long as your loved one is with you. Well, what if you are indeed under the influence of one of the love spells and you just do not know about it yet? Trust me, this assumption is just a joke. 

19. You have similar taste in movies, books, food, fashion, and music. 

20. Your sex is amazing. Moreover, it keeps getting better.
That is it. But do not worry if some of the signs do not apply to your relationship. If you love your partner, you still have time to let him or her know about it and show your love.