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How To Finally Write Your First Novel

When it comes to writing, it’s one of your favorite things in the world. For as long as you can remember, you were always staying up late reading, and telling stories to your friends, one you made up as if they’d been pulled out of thin air. As you got older, you discovered that being a writer was something people actually did, and that it was something you could study. You learned about the struggles that novelists have faced throughout the ages, from Melville to Hemingway to J.K. Rowling, and the tales inspired you. You love reading, and you love writing, and now you’ve been thinking that you want to write your first novel. 

Maybe you’ve started before, but gotten stuck. Maybe you’ve been too scared to start. Whatever your reason might be, it’s time to put that reason aside and start writing. Because if you use the right strategies, you can finally make your dream of writing a novel come true.

Have a plan

Writing a novel is a huge commitment. And like with any huge commitment, whether that’s a musician writing an entire album in a year or a web designer designing a video production company’s about us page along with the rest of their website, you need to plan ahead. If you’re going to write your novel in a year, you have to think about how long you want it to be, and how many words you’re going to be writing every week (approximately). Just like with any work, you have to plan days off, and you also have to make room for the inevitable days when you can’t seem to write, whether it’s because you’re too stressed or because you’re simply stuck. 

Creating an actual calendar is a great start. Once you've done that, decide how you’re going to schedule your days around writing. Are you going to wake up at 5 a.m., write for an hour before heading off to work? Or do you prefer to go at the end of the day, after pumping up your endorphins at the gym? Whatever works, create a schedule and stick to it. 

Remember, even George Lucas had a plan to back up his dream of writing the films that changed American culture. Not bad, considering that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the highest-grossing science fiction movie as of July 2018.

Create a writing routine

In addition to a set plan, you need a routine. By creating special habits--rituals, even--around your writing, you’ll get more inspired than you would otherwise. And when you’re writing day in and day out, that little extra bit of inspiration and permission to write makes a huge difference. For some writers, it can become almost an obsession. Here’s Maya Angelou’s routine , for example: 

“I rent a hotel room for a few months, leave my home at six, and try to be at work by six-thirty. To write, I lie across the bed, so that this elbow is absolutely encrusted at the end, just so rough with callouses. I never allow the hotel people to change the bed, because I never sleep there… I insist that all things are taken off the walls. I don’t want anything in there. I go into the room and I feel as if all my beliefs are suspended. “ 

Now, not everyone can afford a hotel room, especially considering that the average rate of an NYC hotel room in the first quarter of 2017 was $257 a night . But a cheap alternative is visiting an art gallery before writing, or going for an inspiring walk listening to music that makes you think about your characters and setting. Rereading your favorite books, even just a couple pages before you start writing, is another great way to get inspired. That way, when you sit down at the same spot in that same cafe, you’ll be ready to tackle the work ahead. 

 Join a writing community

Once you’ve forced yourself to start writing at set hours, and created a ritual that gets you writing, it’s time to become part of the writing world. Because writing is such a solitary art form, it can be easy to forget why you got started in the first place. By subscribing to magazines like Poets & Writers, and joining a local writing workshop, you can start sharing your work with others. Even though you might not feel ready when you first start writing, by the time you’ve gotten to chapter 5, it can help to have a second reader. 

You’ll also hold yourself accountable by having a writing a partner or joining a writing class. And you’ll also have the opportunity to have your work critiqued, which will help you master different elements of fiction and motivate you to improve. 

Considering that US book sales rose 2.6 percent from 2016 to 2017, it’s a great time to get started.
By using these strategies, you can finally write your first novel. It’s a challenge, but it’s one worth undertaking. What makes you most anxious about writing your first novel, and how do you plan to overcome these issues?

The Love – 20 Signs Of A Perfect Relationship

Even though divorce rates keep going up and loneliness is becoming epidemic, you can still meet couples who seem to have managed to build what can be called a perfect relationship. According to spellshelp, every fourth marriage and 3 out of 5 love affairs fall apart. Unfortunately, when people realize they have made a mistake, it is usually too late to change anything. 

This article has been written, above all, for the people who do not know yet their relationship is perfect, so they think about ending it once in a while. Well, probably you should take a closer look at the person you are dating because it is quite likely this person is the one you can be happy with in the long run. To help you figure it out, below are 20 signs of a perfect relationship. 

1. You feel safe with your partner because you know you will be taken care of and supported no matter what. 

2. You cannot help thinking there is something mystical about your relationship. You know your relationship is not an accident, you are destined to be together, or you met each other thanks to some love spell, which is not true of course, but these feelings are too strong to ignore. 

3. There are some invisible bonds between you and your partner. Thus, you can feel each other at a distance. You take your phone in your hand 3 seconds before you get a call from your partner. You can foresee changes in your partner’s feelings for you and you know for sure when your partner loves you more or less than usual. 

4. You never feel ashamed or awkward around your partner. You are who you are with this person and you do not need to pretend to be someone else. You can be yourself and be honest with your partner. When you screw up, your partner turns it into a joke and never blames you for anything.
5. Your partner always tries to do something nice to you. Your partner thinks about you and remembers what your dreams are, so you always really like the gifts and surprises you get from your partner. Your partner knows what you want. 

6. Similarly, you know your partner very well. However, this knowledge can be useless or even harmful to your relationship, unless you have done something nice for your partner in not more than three weeks. 

7. You never get bored when you are together. You never feel like spending a weekend apart or taking a break from your relationship. On the contrary, you want to spend as much time together as possible. You are drawn to each other as if one of the love spells has been put on you which neither you nor your partner can resist. 

8. You make plans for the future. When you think about what your life will be in a month, six months or in a year, you always picture yourself together with your partner. Your partner mentions you as well while talking about the future. At least this is the way your partner sees it. 

9. It is okay for you to talk about your ex’s. Neither of you ever compares the other to any of your ex’s. By the way, you should remember that regardless of what you say about your ex, it still works to your disadvantage because it only means one thing – you are still thinking about your ex. 

10. You are okay without sex. You can go for two or three weeks without it. If your partner is mad at you for not wanting to have sex, think if you really want to be with a person like this who does not respect you enough. 

11. Yes, you fight from time to time. You can even shout and curse at each other, but it does not matter. What matters is how fast you make up. The sooner it happens and you forget about your fight and move on, the better you are as a couple. For example, if your relationship is actually perfect (you are so happy together that people assume you have used a love spell), you can smile at each other two minutes after having a big fight. 

12. Now let us check out your social media account. It turns out you have not updated it for a while by posting new photos and videos. It is a great sign indicating you enjoy your real life more than the virtual one. 

13. At the same time, it is okay for you to be away from each other for some time if that is what you have to do. You are not terrified by it and know that you will be rewarded for it eventually when you see each other again and get to enjoy each other’s company. 

14. You do not gossip about each other while talking to others. You want to protect each other. Besides, it is your personal life and you want to keep it private. 

15. You help each other with money, advice and just general support in life. 

16. You know you can rely on each other when one of you gets sick. 

17. Importantly, you are very comfortable sleeping with each other, no matter how narrow the bed is. There is one thing though which does not indicate your relationship is not perfect. If your partner snores at night and you do not sleep well because of it, just go sleep in another room and this little change may ultimately save your relationship or marriage. 

18. You do not have to go out to have fun. You like your life the way it is and you are fine spending a month at home, as long as your loved one is with you. Well, what if you are indeed under the influence of one of the love spells and you just do not know about it yet? Trust me, this assumption is just a joke. 

19. You have similar taste in movies, books, food, fashion, and music. 

20. Your sex is amazing. Moreover, it keeps getting better.
That is it. But do not worry if some of the signs do not apply to your relationship. If you love your partner, you still have time to let him or her know about it and show your love.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Marketing to Parent Consumers

Even in the most difficult of economies, parents will need to purchase items for their growing children. From school clothes to back-to-school supplies, the essentials for babies, toddlers, and school-aged children continue to sell. If you’re looking to start an online business that targets parent consumers or even if you’re looking to earn some extra cash, you may want to consider some of these suggestions for making a little money on the side without leaving your home. 

Sell items in your home that are no longer needed by your children . Every parent looks around the playroom and wonders how all the toys housed there got there in the first place. If you’re looking to declutter your home and make some fast cash, take a look around and see what items are no longer needed. Big sellers include baby clothes and baby items like diapers, clothing, bedding, and furniture. These are all things that parents need to buy anyway, and you may be able to capitalize on your ability to provide gently used items at a reasonable price, especially compared to the prices of new items at your local department store. 

Don’t forget that adolescents and adults are also frequently shopping for second-hand items. Educational games, books, music, graphic tees, technological devices, and art projects are also a hit. Some products may sell better than others, based on the market at the time, but you may find that there are timeless items that sell regardless. You may want to list your items on high-volume sale sites like your local Craigslist, or maybe consider the Facebook Marketplace that will allow you to access some closer-to-home consumers in your area neighborhoods, lowering your risk of sales. 

Take the dropshipping route . If you haven’t already considered it, maybe dropshipping is for you. Dropshipping means that a customer orders from you an item that you, in turn, purchase from a wholesaler. The customer pays you a retail price while you pay your supplier wholesale price. The and markup becomes your profit. By importing products onto your online store website from a digital marketplace, you limit your risk and minimize your starting capital required. Since you order only once a customer has purchased a product from your site, you also reduce the need to find space in your home for sale items since the order can be shipped directly to your customer. 

When choosing items to include on your online store website, remember that novelty items may sell for a while, but consumer fads can be unpredictable and will not sustain your business long-term. If you intend for your business to grow, you will need to focus on some basic business principles. Have a product line that is built on what parents want and need for their children. These include quality clothing, games that extend learning, books, and “enrichment” tools that occupy children in worthwhile activities. You may find a niche and keep up with the trends, but it is more important to build a consistent and dependable line of high-caliber products parents will seek out time and again. Be sure to build a user-friendly website, and work toward excellent customer service. 

Market your creative idea . If you have a crafty side and can make things, you may want to consider starting your own business. Items like crocheted or knitted baby items, decorative room decor, party cakes for birthdays or special occasions, and even personalized clothing are all potential sellers for parents. Making items in advance may help your potential customers get to know and understand your product and potential, but make sure that you have options for them so that they can personalize the items. You can find ways to market these to your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and consumer community. 

It is important, however, to remember that when parents find themselves cash-poor, they are more likely to invest in things they feel contribute something to the child’s well-being. Educational toys, books, games, and interactive toys are a few that come to mind. Families are spending less money traveling and going to the movies, so you may want to market a game or service that helps families spend more time together at home. Or perhaps you have ideas for personalized books or ways to learn about other places and cultures. Whatever your innovative idea, be sure to follow some sound advice on marketing your niche or specialized items online

What are some ideas you have for marketing to parent consumers? Share your strategies for success in the comments below.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

All About Doksi is English language version of prominent Hungarian document sharing website The company originated in 2000, when founder Zoltan Fabian looked to create a database for sharing high school documents.

The company’s original website was a modest success, growing from hundreds of users in a single year to well over a thousand in just three years. Due to its increasing popularity, the website was revamped in 2005 under the new name Doksi.

What is Doksi?

Doksi is a document sharing platform where students and teachers can upload documents for others to use. While it originated as predominately high school level documents and essays, there are now a wide range of subjects featured at various levels.

For instance, there are study materials for medical students, with countless documents covering a huge range of medical topics available. Studies, essays, and theses are available on a huge number of medical subjects, providing medical students with a wealth of resources to help with their studies.
It’s not just medical students that can benefit from using Doksi - students from high school to university can take advantage of the document sharing platform.

What Subjects are Covered on Doksi?

There are currently dozens of subjects featured on Doksi. The documents on each subject are also varied, ranging from basic high school documents to more advanced university and college level documents. 

The most prominent subjects are all covered, including the mathematics, physics, medicine, engineering, economics, sociology, law, languages, media, literature, and information technology.
So, if you need to study documents covering any of these subjects, simply visit and search for the appropriate document category. The search engine is rather robust, allowing you to filter based on keywords, popularity, length etc.

Who Uploads the Documents?

Anyone can upload documents onto Doksi. Because the documents are vetted before being published, the documents are of a high standard and deemed suitable for the appropriate level of study. 

Both students and teachers upload to the website. This includes individuals from across the entire world, giving a diverse selection of documents, essays, studies, and theses. Documents are checked for copyright infringements too, meaning anyone that discovers their work on the website is free to request their removal.

How Do I Download the Document?

All documents featured on the website are available in PDF format. To download any document, create a free account on the website and wait for this to be activated - it takes a few days to process, so be sure to do it in advance if you have urgent need of documents. 

Once your account is activated, simply search for the appropriate document using the search engine, select the document and choose the download option. Users are limited to 25 documents daily and may only have one account per computer. 

Be mindful that attempting to create a different account on the same computer may lead to a permanent ban of all associated accounts on that computer.

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Easy English Test For Student Visas

If you have been thinking about studying at Purdue, you are well aware of the requirement to meet a minimum English proficiency standard. Road to Purdue is not easy, and this requirement is often the biggest stumbling block for prospective students. All those who have given up on IELTS and TOEFL can now rejoice. Pearson’s Test of English – PTE Academic, the new kid on the block is the best and easiest English test

To get started you can find all the information on PTE Academic here – Sure Way English . PTE is a computer administrated and computer scored exam. This is in sharp contrast to tests like IELTS that are given and scored by human examiners. For this very reason, these exams are often blamed for human bias and inaccuracy. Nothing like that in the PTE. Your score will be given by a computer algorithm.

Since its launch a few years ago, PTE Academic has quickly become the preferred exam especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand. It is now gaining ground in the USA too. Keeping in tune with the nature of the exam, preparation for it can also be done entirely online. Providers like Sure Way English offer a number of online PTE courses that include personal coaching, real exam like software and on demand lectures to make it easy for busy test takers to prepare anytime anywhere.

If you are comfortable using a computer and have failed to achieve your desired score in IELTS or TOEFL, then PTE makes huge sense for you. However, do not make the mistake of thinking of it as just another kind of IELTS. According to Scott Wilson, the lead instructor at Sure Way English, PTE requires targeted preparation and practice of each of the twenty question types included in it. These item types mimic a range of situations one is likely to encounter in an academic English environment. Some questions will require you to just simply read a text, while others will ask you to describe an image the way you would if you were giving a presentation in a classroom.

According to Pearson, PTE has an accuracy that is at least of the same level or higher than IELTS or TOEFL. If you are unhappy with your PTE score, you can even submit a request for review. But given the automated nature of the exam, chances of any mistake are very rare.

For someone who is new to PTE Academic, it usually takes anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months to come up to a level where they can achieve a score of 65 plus or 79 plus, of course depending on their previous proficiency level. According to Sure Way English, students should spend at least a couple of weeks understanding the exam and getting familiar with it, before booking their exam appointment.

Talking of the exam appointment, another thing that makes PTE very attractive is the ease of booking an exam date and fast turnaround of results. Majority of students receive their score card in just under 3 days.

It is estimated that close to a hundred thousand test takers will sit for PTE Academic in 2018. Will you be one of them?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Abstract Tube

There are plenty of resources online for finding academic papers but if you have just completed a research paper or even your dissertation, you might be wondering what to do with it. How do you make it so other people find it? Most academics have this question, especially early on in their academic career.

You want some way to show off your research and Abstract Tube provides you a way to do that.

Abstract Tube is a platform for academics to share their work in video format, similar to YouTube. As a dedicated platform for academic work, Abstract Tube provides those who publish and visit the site access to a wide range of material in an easy to digest way.

Instead of uploading a video to cover your whole dissertation or research paper, you upload a video of only the abstract. Hence the name Abstract Tube. The idea is to keep the videos short yet educational and entertaining.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Abstract Tube to host your content.

Easy To Create

It is extremely easy to create videos of any kind. A high quality webcam is very cheap and there is plenty of free video editing software out there. If you are a student or part of an institution, you might have access to free equipment and resources to make the creation process even easier.

Catch Attention Quickly

With a short video you are able to catch the attention of other researchers, students, publishers, and even your friends. A creative and informative video can go a long way. This is part of what has given other video platforms such popularity. Now academics have a video platform just for them.

Your videos will also be easily shareable for academics that want to exchange the helpful information that you have in your abstract.

Increase Search Engine Results

Posting your abstract in video form on Abstract Tube will help to increase your search engine results, which in turn, increases the chance that you will be published. It also increases the chance that others will read your work. You never know when you will be able to capture the right person’s attention.

Any Kind Of Research Can Go On Abstract Tube

You have the ability to host an abstract for any research that you have done on the Abstract Tube website. This allows the site to host a large number of research abstracts that feeds researchers of all kinds. Those looking for research abstracts can find videos of all types.

No Clutter

One of the problems with sharing your video abstract on YouTube is that the majority of content on the platform isn’t related to educational resources. You want to have your abstract hosted on a platform that makes it look as professional as possible and Abstract Tube does that.

Digest Abstracts Quicker and Easier

One of the biggest benefits of Abstract Tube is that it allows those who are looking to review abstracts a quicker and easier way to get through the abstract. No longer do you have to wade through text abstract after text abstract. Get the information in a way that works for you.

This also makes getting research grants and publishing easier because those looking to offer these services don’t have to spend time reading and rereading your abstract. They can get through it quickly and probably learn more from the video.

A large number of researchers and academics have moved over to using video abstracts because they are easy to create and they are even easier to digest. You are able to embrace that with Abstract Tube and reap the benefits that we discussed above. Creating academic videos has never been easier and now hosting them hasn’t either.

Friday, May 25, 2018

A Quick Guide to Choosing Student Accommodation

Whether it’s good or bad, the memory of your student house or flat will stay with you for years to come. Hopefully it’ll be the place where you get to make fantastic memories, but there are a few things that you should take into consideration if you want to make sure that you end up choosing the perfect student accommodation that will help you to cultivate plenty of great memories. 

Choose Your Housemates Wisely
Before you can think about choosing your student accommodation, you’ll have to carefully consider your housemate picks. This is a big decision to make as they’ll become your family, for better or worse! 

Obviously, you want to make sure that you get on with the people you’ll be living with as you’ll spend so much time with them, so choose wisely. It’s a good idea to have a chat about yours and their expectations before you move in, such as whether you expect to share chores. This could save you a lot of hassle in the long run, avoiding the inevitable arguments about whose turn it is to buy milk. 

Seriously Think About Your Budget
When it comes to student accommodation, you can usually get quite a lot for your money, and when you’re on a tight budget anyway, this is great news! It’s important that you think realistically about how much money you can afford to part with for rent and bills, but don’t assume that going for the cheapest place available is always a good idea. 

Sure, you may end up with more money in your pocket, but it’s often true that you get what you pay for. It’s also worth double-checking what is included in your payments - do you need to pay for bills on top of your rent, or is it included? 

It’s important that you don’t sacrifice reliability and reputability in a landlord or housing provider in order to get a cheaper deal. Do your research and think about using a known provider such as Mighty Student Living who are regulated by relevant governing bodies. 

Prioritise Your Needs
When you start actively looking for your new home, you’ll need to think about what it actually is that you need and what it is that you want. If you’re moving with housemates, you’ll also need to think about their list of essentials to make sure you pick a property that you’ll all love. 

It could be helpful to get together with your housemates and each draw up a list of essentials as well as features you would like. You may include things on your list such as:
● Number of bedrooms
● Location
● Price
● Number of bathrooms/ensuites
● Wi-Fi or other bills included in price
● Style and decor
● Proximity to public transport routes

If you’re able to match up your essentials, it will be much easier to find a property that will suit everyone. 

Choosing your student accommodation may seem like an overwhelming decision, but if you set out a few specifications that you stick to, you should be able to find the perfect new home.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Law of Attraction for Student Success

What is the Law of Attraction and how can it help a student find success? In its most basic form the Law of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts can become things .

Think of the story of Aladdin and his lamp. When the lamp is rubbed Genie comes out to grant Aladdin 3 wishes and whatever he asks for the Genie must provide.

The Law of Attraction is like Genie in that whatever you ask it, you will receive. Except you don not have a limited number of wishes to ask for.

The thoughts we have all resonate at different frequencies into the universe and those frequencies will attract like frequencies. Mix these thoughts with strong feelings and your output immensely.

You must be watch what you are thinking though because the Law of Attraction doesn’t decide what’s good or not so even if you thing negatively that is what you are attracting to yourself.

For example, if you have a test coming up and you keep telling yourself that you are going to do poorly on it, guess what? Whatever you ask for, you shall receive!

I’m going to give you a simple formula to help you use the Law of Attraction for your benefit. Desire + faith + action = results.

If we truly desire something, have faith that it will come to pass, and work towards attaining it you can attract anything into your life that you want.

Deep down, what do you really want? Maybe it’s to graduate with honors…let’s work with that. You already have the desire part so now we need to add faith. The definition of faith I use is this…belief in things hoped for that are not seen but are true.

A couple of ways to develop faith and overcoming your fears are using affirmations and visualization techniques.

Whatever we constantly tell ourselves on a daily basis tends to form our belief system. This is why affirmations are so critical. Once you have figured out your goal (desire) you should write down on paper how you plan on achieving it.

Example, “I John Doe will graduate with honors by June 2022 and in order to achieve this I will study and work towards its attainment every day.”

Read this out loud every day as you wake up and every night as you are going to bed until you have attained enough confidence within yourself to know that it is going to happen. Turn your faith into knowledge.

Next, start using visualization. Let’s keep going with the honors theme…Close your eyes every night and visualize yourself holding up your diploma on graduation day with the ribbons showing off your honors.

See it, feel it…picture as much detail as you can until you feel like it’s already happened.

Finally, you must put in the work. Hang out with others that have the same desire to succeed as you do, pay attention in class, study, do your homework and don’t stop learning!

Genie is waiting to provide you with whatever you desire, all you have to do is ask. Use this formula and I guarantee you will find success.

Not just in school but in life. Desire + faith + action = results.

Control your mind and you will control your destiny .

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Best and Safest Password Manager

We all know that the cyber community is fraught with threats to our operating systems and our identities as well. It is no longer as safe as it was in the beginning. Nowadays, there are so many viruses and attempts to mine data from our personal accounts that we do have to try to keep our passwords and our integral accounts secure.

The problem is, if you are just like us, you tend to forget some information especially if you are used to a computer which has a form autofill capacity. The good thing is there are several password managers that are available in the market that are going to be useful for you and your particular needs.

Acquiring, installing and using a password manager is one small step that you can use to secure your personal online reputation and identity. This would help you to consistently increase the strength of your passwords for your online banking accounts, social media accounts, email accounts and other several integral accounts.

Remember that the best password management tools help to bring you a uniquely strong password that you would be able to access via an encrypted file. No need to memorize your passwords for a lot of your online accounts – as you are going to be able to access them any time you need via a variety of file formats.

Fortunately for you, we at, have put together a short list of password managers that we know and believe would live up to the expectations and advertisements. These are the best password management tools that you can use to give yourself a heightened level of security that puts you ahead in the game of internet security and protection.

So, here we go with the list that would make a good addition to your useful applications:

LastPass. LastPass comes with a premium edition nowadays that would only cost you a $1 per month. Imagine that! Impressive online protection for you and your accounts for just a small amount – it doesn’t get any better than that for a premium account. The LastPass application stores your password and other credentials in the cloud and does boast of a few security features. You get a two-step authentication process, vault synchronization systems, form autofill feature and a secure sharing component. Best of all, you can have the option to have multiple users using the application – which is a plus if you think about.

Roboform. It is not as popular yet as LastPass but it does rival it in terms of features and the service is comparable as well. It also has a two-factor authentication system and also a virtual vault synchronization system. It also stores your credentials in the cloud (which is quite safer) and it also has an autofill component.

KeePass. KeePass is perhaps one of the most popular in the business today. You can store your credentials (retrievable encrypted form in various file formats) in the cloud or in a local drive. It also has the patented two-factor authentication system, vault management and synchronization feature and the option to have multiple users sharing the same account. It is also a multiplatform password manager that is absolutely free to use.

Based on these features, we can conclude that these three password management tools are the best in the business today.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Plantar Fasciitis and Acupuncture

Most of us have probably felt and experienced the pains of plantar fasciitis but we do not know the medical term and the condition and the symptoms related to it. So get this, have you felt a stinging pain when you wake up in the morning and take your first steps off your bed? Well, that is already your plantar fascia acting up. It seems everyone has got some form of plantar fasciitis in varying degrees.

Our feet house our plantar fascia which is a thick band of tissue that connects our heel bones to our toes. This thick band spans the length of our feet and act like a bowstring. Try to feel the heel of your foot right now and trace from the heel to your toes and you just identified your plantar fascia. These act up at times during the night and causes stabbing pain that gradually recedes once we get to doing our daily routines. It acts up after prolonged periods of sitting or standing.

While it is very common among runners (who actually abuse the plantar fascia with their exertions) and sales personnel who have to stand for long periods of time, those who are overweight and morbidly obese also experience such debilitating pain. The pressure that is contained in the plantar fascia continue to be immense and thus pain is going to be a constant companion every morning.

While cortisone shots do good on such plantar fasciitis cases, podiatrists and other medical personnel also recommend getting off your feet regularly to reduce the rate of plantar fasciitis. Some painkillers are also being recommended but all in all, rest is the best technique recommended by most professionals.

However, for those of us who are experiencing chronic plantar fasciitis and want to explore alternative methods of healing, well, one can always turn to eastern traditional medicine and consult an acupuncturist for immediate relief. We know that having someone stick needles on your feet may be an uncomfortable thought but this works wonders to alleviating your pain.

Though there have been several literature and some instances that make you doubt about the validity and the efficacy of such methods, you cannot discount the fact that acupuncture when done right and in connection with other herbal and alternative practices would help you to decrease the pain you feel.
Studies have maintained that acupuncture for people who have had no recent cases of foot surgery and have recurring plantar fasciitis experience great relief when an experienced and licensed acupuncturist is able to provide them immediate help. By inserting 0.30mm by 0.50mm needles on specific points in the feet and manipulating accordingly and using the appropriate techniques, sufferers gained relief.

The therapy is in connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which calls for the feet to be soaked in a decoction that is made by mixing a batch of recommended herbs and the resultant solution is steeped and vinegar is added. Such processes get repeated for 10 straight days and the results have been positive.

While such alternative medical procedures may not be that thoroughly accepted, it is gaining momentum as it is being recognized by medical practitioners for the efficacy and the admirable results.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

An Inventors Guide To Inventions And The Inventing Process

Those with bright ideas have the choice to share their thoughts and inventions to the world, to help make the lives of other people easier and more entertaining- or even better, change the way things work as we know it. The thing is, however, even though inventors want to get their new work out to the public, they often have no idea how. Making the invention itself is a very difficult task in itself but marketing it, patenting it and sharing it to others is another whole different story. If you're an inventor and want to get your work up and off to the ground and to other people where it belongs, here's a little guide on how you can do so:

  • Polish your invention - Before you can even think about pricing and selling your invention, first and foremost you need to make sure it is presentable and not crude. A neat and functional looking invention is far more likely to attract potential buyers and investors than one that's dirty and unsightly, after all. Because of this, it is always good to check that your work is the most final version it can be with your available resources. 

  • Patent your invention - If you want to make money out of your work, you can't just market it all of a sudden right then and there. Firstly, you need to patent your invention so that you can full intellectual property over it, and nobody else will be able to steal your invention or idea away from you- it is fully under your name, and nobody else's. The patenting process will also allow you to check if your invention has already been done in the past.

  • Market your invention - After you have gotten the rights to your invention and have created your final draft, now is the time to think about earning profit. When it comes to marketing, first you're going to have to create a plan. Which advertising methods will you use? Which social media accounts are best in order to display your work? What is your target audience? After you answer these questions, only then will you be able to proceed with thinking of a price for your new creation as well as networking and attracting potential investors.

  • Get help - Your creation won't be able to take off if you're the only one who knows about it. Market your brand, connect with investors, get donations for your startup- do anything you can do in order to obtain funds and resources for your invention because without them, you'll only be stuck on the ground. Network with as any people as possible in order to increase chances of your invention being heard and known.

And those are some guidelines to remember when it comes to inventing and inventors. Getting your work out to the public is quite difficult, and not everybody has the capacity to do it. If you want yourself struggling, you can always connect with the professionals like InventHelp, a company that will assist you on the way to success.