Best and Safest Password Manager

We all know that the cyber community is fraught with threats to our operating systems and our identities as well. It is no longer as safe as it was in the beginning. Nowadays, there are so many viruses and attempts to mine data from our personal accounts that we do have to try to keep our passwords and our integral accounts secure.

The problem is, if you are just like us, you tend to forget some information especially if you are used to a computer which has a form autofill capacity. The good thing is there are several password managers that are available in the market that are going to be useful for you and your particular needs.

Acquiring, installing and using a password manager is one small step that you can use to secure your personal online reputation and identity. This would help you to consistently increase the strength of your passwords for your online banking accounts, social media accounts, email accounts and other several integral accounts.

Remember that the best password management tools help to bring you a uniquely strong password that you would be able to access via an encrypted file. No need to memorize your passwords for a lot of your online accounts – as you are going to be able to access them any time you need via a variety of file formats.

Fortunately for you, we at, have put together a short list of password managers that we know and believe would live up to the expectations and advertisements. These are the best password management tools that you can use to give yourself a heightened level of security that puts you ahead in the game of internet security and protection.

So, here we go with the list that would make a good addition to your useful applications:


LastPass comes with a premium edition nowadays that would only cost you a $1 per month. Imagine that! Impressive online protection for you and your accounts for just a small amount – it doesn’t get any better than that for a premium account. The LastPass application stores your password and other credentials in the cloud and does boast of a few security features. You get a two-step authentication process, vault synchronization systems, form autofill feature and a secure sharing component. Best of all, you can have the option to have multiple users using the application – which is a plus if you think about.


It is not as popular yet as LastPass but it does rival it in terms of features and the service is comparable as well. It also has a two-factor authentication system and also a virtual vault synchronization system. It also stores your credentials in the cloud (which is quite safer) and it also has an autofill component. 


KeePass is perhaps one of the most popular in the business today. You can store your credentials (retrievable encrypted form in various file formats) in the cloud or in a local drive. It also has the patented two-factor authentication system, vault management and synchronization feature and the option to have multiple users sharing the same account. It is also a multiplatform password manager that is absolutely free to use.

Based on these features, we can conclude that these three password management tools are the best in the business today.