An Overview of the Tours to Walk the Camino de Santiago

For the people who enjoy traveling as one of their hobbies, they should try out the Camino tours. You can get to enjoy the rugged Atlantic coast. It is also possible to cross the Pyrenees. People can walk the iconic pilgrimage, and they can easily organize cycling tours within the Camino de Santiago. At times, people do not know where to start. In this context, people will get an overview of the tours to walk the Camino de Santiago.

Camino Frances

Touring the Camino Frances can take about 35 or more days. The journey will be moderate and somewhat difficult. The most famous route in the Camino de Santiago is the Camino Frances. The area crosses the Pyrenees, and you can then go into northern Spain. The route will allow you to enjoy the stunning landscapes as well as some of the beautiful cities in Spain, which include Pamplona, Leon, and Bilbao. The route is classified as the second largest when it comes to the Camino Tours. To maneuver the tour, you must be physically fit.

Camino Portugues 

The Camino Portugues trail is 598 km long, and it takes about 30 days to maneuver the full route. The tour will be moderate and difficult at the same time. The journey starts from Lisbon, Portugal to Santarem and people always pass through Tui, a medieval Spanish town. After that, they enter Santiago de Compostela. If you are looking for a walk that is less crowded and quieter, always opt for the Camino Portugues. If you enjoy history, you will enjoy the tour since it was also used by Queen Isabel, who was once the ruler of Portugal in the 13th Century. She was able to cross some of the beautiful regions in the northern part of Portugal as well as South Galicia. It is also possible to spot the area where Christopher Colombus arrived after discovering America. The pathway is well paved, and you will get to enjoy the tour.

Camino del Norte

The Camino del Norte is a nature trail that is 466km long. The area is next to the Atlantic coastline. The pilgrims will always walk through Spain from Basque, and they will finally arrive in Galicia. This route is suited to nature lovers who want to take some time off to reflect on their lives and the challenges that they encounter once in a while.

Finisterre Way

This is another popular path taken to Santiago. It is known as the ultimate 'End of the Earth'. The route is quite unique as it covers an area that is covered in history and by mythical legends. In the past, pilgrims had to burn their clothes and swim in the sea all the way. You are free to continue to fishing villages of Muxia and Cape Fisterra.

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