Top Marketing Channels For Companies In Education

Companies that sell educational products or services need to reach a very specific audience making it important for them to find the right marketing channels to market their business, products, and services. Here is a closer look at the top 4 marketing channels that can show big results for companies in education.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best marketing channel for companies in education. Content marketing is the ability to create relevant and engaging information that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience. 

Creative articles and other information that gives an audience a look at what your educational products or services can do for them is sure to capture the interest of those people that you are marketing too. Another type of content that can captivate your audience are video-type content that educates and let your audience glimpse real-time experience on how they can integrate your educational products or services in their lives. 

The great thing about content marketing is that studies show that this channel generates about 8 times more traffic than any other channel. Content marketing also boosts customer engagement, increases conversion rates and is a highly cost effective form of marketing. 

Content is king and it will progressively conquer the digital landscape in the coming years. The future of content marketing is bright, especially now that the market is thriving on creating consumer and visual-centric content marketing and almost any kind of business will be able to get more advantages publishing content online than offline.

Organic Searches/SEO Marketing Channels

  • Organic Searches or SEO marketing is another one of the best marketing channels for any type of business including companies in education. Organic Searches are those search results that you get for free. You may get those results for having high SEO rankings on sites such as Google, through your social media posts, and from various other means. 
Almost 70% of people search for products and services on the Internet using search engine rankings from sources such as Google. SEO is essential to those organic search channels since that is how search engines come up with those first page rankings.

For those companies in education combining content marketing with SEO (Organic Searches) you can actually increase the value of your content as well as making sure that your content reaches more of your targeted audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a third good marketing channel for companies in education. Generally, affiliate marketing is the process of paying others a small percentage to promote your products or services. The two main types of affiliate marketing is Pay per click, every time someone clicks on your ad or goes to your site via another site they make a small amount of money to send potential customers to your site and Pay for Sales (the person who is promoting your product gets a certain percentage of actual sales you do to their promotion.) 

While this can be a somewhat expensive marketing channel you can often off set some of that expense by making a deal with another company in education to promote one another's products.

Social Media Marketing

With more and more people using social media several times a day, social media marketing can play a huge roll in marketing your content and getting organic search engine traffic. Having a good social media management system is essential in keeping track of the success of your social media marketing campaigns. 

Social media marketing now plays the bigger role on providing opportunities for businesses, especially when promoting a newly launched business and when acquiring leads or sales. 

Aside from helping your company reap its benefits, social media marketing helps you create social interaction among different communities who might be in need of what you offer. It’s the new level of communicating your values and mission on a bigger level. Who knows, you might even discover companies or organizations who’d be willing to partner with you in the future. That’s how powerful social media can be. 

Kinetic Social media management gives you vital information regarding how your social media marketing is performing giving you such information as:
  • Your spending cost for social media marketing and the performance of your campaign.
  • Actually shows you what content your audience really responds to.
  • Collaborating and providing you the creative freedom to recommend what creative direction you want your social media content to take on 
It’s an extreme necessity to adapt to social media marketing as part of growing your business’ growth because it helps you establish a strong digital presence, create awareness among your target audience that your products and services exist and be several steps ahead of your competitors. 

If social media marketing is part one of the channels you are using for marketing educational products, materials or services then why not consider Kinetic Social to make your social media marketing more successful and meaningful.