Ultimate Guide to Writing College Assignments in APA Format

While studying in a college or a University, students have to deal with multiple assignments on a variety of topics. It can be coursework, an essay, a term paper or anything else. Each kind of paper should be formatted in a particular referencing style. For example, Harvard, Chicago or any other. Each of the formats varies, and therefore, it is important to know their distinctions before writing your papers in college like an essay expert. 

Currently, one of the most useful formats is APA, as teachers and professors often require students to follow it. For this reason, one should know its general features, guidelines, rules and of course, peculiarities to not make mistakes and to not get low grades as a consequence. 

The Internet is full of various websites that offer information about format styles. In addition to that, there are also many online groups that were created by students, where they describe and explain everything about referencing styles, tips, resources, and examples. That’s why if you are looking for such information, then you can easily find all the necessary information below or browse other sources.


If it is your first time creating such content, then it is vital to understand what exactly it is, how it works, and how it should look like. APA is short for the American Psychological Association. When using this style, it is vital to cite resources.

The Aspects which Should Be Taken into Account

This referencing style has 6 main features that should be followed:
  1. The content has to be crafted with double spacing. Plus, one should use 12 pt. Times New Roman font all over the content. No other fonts can be used!
  2. As for the sides of a paper, each should have one-inch margins.
  3. When putting numbers on pages, they should be located at the top right corner. The first page begins with the title page.
  4. A header has to be at the top left place of every single page. NOTE* it shouldn’t have more than 50 characters written in capital letters.
  5. A title page should include such details as the author’s name, the name of a paper and a school title. All these criteria should be located in the upper half of a page.
  6. All the cited sources in a paper should be relevantly typed in alphabetical order. Moreover, don’t forget that this list has to be double-spaced.
As you can see, working with APA style is not the easiest task, as it requires lots of concentration and specific experience. That’s why if you have some hesitations and are afraid of making mistakes, then you can always “pay someone to write my assignment”, thus saving time and not worry about anything, as professionals will do everything for you.

Essential Components of a Format to Pay Attention to

The components include:
  1. Title page . When creating a title page, do never use abbreviations. It has to be placed in the middle line and shouldn’t be underlined or in bold. Also, the length of a title should be no longer than 12 words.
  2. Abstract . The first thing to do here is to type “Abstract” in the top middle. This part of a paper shouldn’t be typed in bold and should only include a short yet effective description of your assignment along with purposes. The maximum number of words here is 250.
  3. Body . This is the longest and, basically, most significant part, and here one should keep in mind certain strict specifications. First of all, a body should include an introduction, which is a brief explanation of a topic you are presenting to a reader. Second, is the drafting of a body itself, including all details and methods you have come up with during the in-depth research. Third, is a summary, where one puts all the information together and makes a conclusion.
  4. Bibliography . As it is a quite complicated task, here is a short guide on how to do it right:
  • Use a new line for each new source (two sources can’t be typed in one line even if they are from the same book or online source);
  • State the exact page numbers you have taken from books, articles, journals, etc;
  • Type “References” in the middle and on top;
  • Alphabetical order is a must-have (as it was stated above, look at the writer’s last names);
  • If you use online resources, then they have to be placed in the very end and can be completely cited; 

Get to Know More about Correct Citation

As it was mentioned above, APA referencing style is the most popular style nowadays. It has a particular organization system that should be followed. A paper should include an extra page for it. It should begin with the name of an author, followed by a year of publication and only then a source name. 

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