Moving Up the Career Ladder How to Ace that Next Interview

Modern workplaces can be extremely competitive. Many companies hire for managerial and executive-level positions from inside their own companies, which means the men and women working lower-level jobs must compete with each other to get ahead. Those who want to maximize their chances of landing that next managerial position and moving up the career ladder can read on to find a few tips for how to ace an internal interview and jump-start a more successful career.

Enlist Some Help

Some companies that recruit from within their own ranks provide mentorship programs for promising employees, but at most workplaces, workers who want to progress up the career ladder are left to fend for themselves. That doesn't mean they have to go it alone, though. It can help to hire a Professional Resume Writer and attend career counseling sessions to go over potential interview questions, learn about salary negotiation, and prepare themselves for a successful internal interview.

Take It Seriously

Just because an employee has become known within his or her company for performing good work, that doesn't mean that employee will be a shoo-in for the next managerial opening. Chances are, other internal candidates will also be applying for the position, and most companies also explore external candidates. The competition can be fierce, so even highly qualified job candidates need to take the application and interview processes seriously.

Do Some Research

Internal candidates should thoroughly research the positions before their interviews. This might involve talking to managers or coworkers about what the position entails and, in larger organizations, connecting with the hiring manager in advance to ask for advice. By taking the time to familiarize themselves with the open position and the manager that will be interviewing for it, internal candidates can get a better idea of what questions will be asked during the interview and how they can convey relevant information about their qualifications for the job.

The Bottom Line

Moving up the career ladder in a company can be just as difficult as finding a job with a new one. Job applicants should take the time to prepare themselves by ensuring that their resumes are in order, researching the position, and coming up with answers to potential interview questions in advance to maximize their chances of acing the interview and landing the job.