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Do you have information to share with others that can improve their lives, help them achieve their goals, or simply make completing certain tasks easier? If so why not consider doing some freelance writing for us here at Apratamaa. Our writers come from extremely diverse backgrounds and have a wide variety of interests and knowledge they want to share with others. We here at Apratamaa are more than happy to provide you with an opportunity to share your knowledge with others.

We welcome all types of articles on a wide variety of subjects including:
  • Cooking- More and more people are developing an interest in preparing restaurant quality meals at homes, while others are interested in simply making tasty meals on a budget. Whether you have tips on cooking specific foods, or some old family recipes you are looking to share, We welcome any articles you have that encompasses the world of food.
  • Health and Nutrition- We accept posts on health care, living with certain health conditions, beauty, skin care, weight loss, exercise and fitness, alternative medicine, natural healing, mental health, Medical break throughs, choosing a new doctor and other health related subjects.
  • Lifestyle- gift ideas, pets, home improvement, hobbies, home and garden, friendships and more.
  • Fashion- Anything to do with the latest fashion trends, outdoor clothing, latest styles in jewelry, shoes, and clothing.
  • Home Decor- Advice on Decorating tips, color trends, antiquing furniture and buying antiques. Home art, accessories, planning your home d├ęcor budget.
  • Shopping- You can cover any type of shopping and shopping tips including using coupons, shopping on line, comparison shopping, best times to shop, shopping on a budget.
  • Travel- Many people are interested in travel including such topics as traveling to various locations, best places to visit. Camping, road trips, staycations, vacationing on a budget, Traveling with children of various ages, travel games, All inclusive resorts and other articles on traveling.
  • Education- Education is becoming increasingly important these days, so if you have study tips, tips on taking tests, how to improve study habits, improving reading, math, or science skills, To writing term papers, choosing the best online courses and schools, Home schooling, charter schools, Choosing the right college, studying for your GED or SATs.
  • Science and Technology- Any articles dealing with science and technology including the fields of computer science, Artificial intelligence, Biology, ecology, geology, space, physics archaeology, gaming apps, Scientific phenomena, the latest technological advances in various fields.
  • Training- Articles on training programs such as mechanics, pet training, training for certain careers any type of training not covered under any of the other possible article suggestions.
What We Look For When Accepting Articles
We don't accept just article written in any old way. We do expect you to present a well written article that others will be interested to read. Here are the basics your article should contain.

Great Headline
Headlines don't have to be inventive or cute, your headline just has to make readers want to read the article the headline is attached to. You want to grab your audience attention with your headline.

Subtopics help readers keep the article they reading organized and breaks up the points you want to make so they are easy to understand. Dividing your article into subtopics makes reading the article easier.

Well Structured, Short and Concise Paragraphs
Your paragraphs should be short and concise and easy to read. The best paragraphs are no more than 4 or 5 sentences and sentences are best when they are around 20 words.

Include Photos
Photographs help to break up the writing, and add interest and even understanding to your article. Including relevant photographs on the topic you are writing about can enhance your overall work. For example if you are writing about cooking, including photos of various foods and tools used in your article will help bring your article alive. Showing pictures of your pets when writing a pet article will make your article more personal to your reader. Photos just add more to your overall content.

Benefits of Writing for Us
You may be wondering why you should write an article for us when we don't pay for articles. If instant financial gain is your only reason for writing then you clearly won't want to write for our site.

However, if you are looking to gain a following for your writing being able to include that your have written for this educational site will give your other writing more authority and help to create more interest in like subjects you have written.

You can use a quote from your own website in the article you write for us and then link back to your website. Having Edu links to your website has several advantages including:
  1. Edu sites are considered to be high quality sites and writing for such a site will help set you up as an expert on the topic you covered.
  2. Writing for us will add to your writing resume if you are making a career from online writing.
  3. People take more notice of Edu backlinks than .com backlinks. 

While writing for us won't make you an instant success as an Internet writer it can certainly help you to start building a reputation as a skilled writer while allowing you to share your knowledge with an appreciative audience.

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