Reasons to Learn Computer Programming in University

Many students aren’t sure what they want to study when they go off to university. If you are like most students, you might have some ideas about what you want to do but aren’t sure how to narrow it down to a specific major. In this article, we’ll examine computer programming and consider some of the reasons that you may want to choose computer programming as your university major. As a lucrative and creative career, computer programming might be the satisfying and challenging career path you’ve always wanted. Studying it in university can help you to decide if computer programming is right for you.

  1. Computer programming improves the world. Computers run the world, and programming runs computers. Almost every device we use, from our smartphones to our smart fridges, from our cars to our smart door locks, relies on computers. Computers rely on programming. Across every industry, computing has transformed how we live, work, and play over the past 30 years. If you study programming, you will be part of the team that makes the world run. You’ll also have the opportunity to change and improve life for the people who rely on these systems. By becoming a programmer, you will contribute to the next generation of programming and can help shape the changes in society that will have the most profound consequences over the next decades.
  2. Computer programming is a lucrative career. Because technology fuels so much of our economy, the need for computer programmers continues to grow rapidly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in the next decade the need for computer programmers will grow by 13%. In the past decade, the number of programmers in the E.U. rose by an amazing 36%. Because specialists in the field are in such demand, salaries for computer programmers are high. In the United States the median salary for a computer programmer is $86,000, while some specialties have much higher remuneration. Consider the fact that a software developer earns on average $100,000 per year, while an IT manager earns on average almost $140,000 per year. These salaries help to make computer programming one of the best paths to financial success, and a great return on investment for the money you’ll spend earning your university degree.
  3. Computer programming skills are transferable. Computer science teaches a number of skills that are transferable between jobs and careers. As a computer programmer, you will engage in significant problem-solving and critical-thinking activities. These types of complex abstract reasoning skills are easily transferable to other careers and positions. Employers are always looking for employees who have analytical skills. One of the greatest benefits of IT and programming skills is that the programming languages are universal and program computers everywhere in the world. As a result, you can easily travel from place to place with the knowledge that you can always find the world applying your computer programming skills in any country where you find yourself.
  4. Computer programming will help you to meet interesting people. The international community of computer programmers are extremely diverse and provide opportunities for personal enrichment by putting you in an environment where diversity of perspective and experience are respected and encouraged. When you pursue computer programming in university, you will develop a network of international contacts that will give you an advantage as you work in your career because you will know people from all over the world. In the U.K., more than 20,000 programmers hail from overseas, for example. Because computer programming is an international language, you can use these contacts to explore job opportunities beyond your home country.
  5. Computer programming has applications beyond the computer science field. In virtually any business, programming can help solve problems and save money, even if you aren’t coding as your only career. Mark Billions, the CEO of Bankruptcy Anywhere, recently explained that knowing coding saved his company thousands, even though he isn’t a coder by trade. “We were able to use Python to code our advertising algorithms, which also saved us about $1,000 per month,” Billion said in an interview. “So, if you are in business—any kind of business—coding is critical.”
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