Using Essay Writing Skills to Get Your Dream Job

First impression, they say, lasts longer. Your ability to present yourself to people and be able to affect the way they view you at first sight goes a long way to determine a lot of the conclusions they will make about you.

In the present day, applying for jobs comes in various stages, the first of which is writing an application. You should have been trained to write essays, applications, dissertation introductions and book summaries (i.e. A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings summary , Bartle by the Scrivener, etc.) while in college, shouldn’t you? In the application, you are expected to say a few things about yourself and your qualifications. Some employers go a long way by even asking you to give reasons why you should be hired or even to write about your motivation for applying for the job. Writing an application of course is the qualifying stage that determines whether you will move on to the next stage of interviews and tests. It is the stage that pulls you out of the pool of the thousands of candidates who may have applied. Therefore, the stage is a very crucial one.

It is at this stage, that your essay writing expresses you and serves as a frontier representing you amidst thousands of applicants. Your essay practically creates the first impression and determines if further interest will be taken in you. Way more than your public speaking skills and managerial skills which may soon have to come to play in the latter parts of the application, your essay writing skills plays a major role at the very beginning.

Landing your dream job, or any other job as well as even scholarships can be easily done if you are able to put your writing skills to use by answering the questions asked precisely and expressively in such a way that it will stand out. Of course, many others will write essays and letters for the application just like you will do, but your ability to use your essay writing skills of comprehension to determine what skills and abilities the employers are looking for and incorporate it into your application will help you to strike a goldmine.

With good writing skills, you are like a piper who can make people dance to the tune of his music. Such that even if are submitting your job application without a publication asking for one, you can convince the reader that your expertise is needed. You can paint, brand and package your professional skills and ability with your essay. With good essay writing skills, you can use good and promising words about yourself and your skills, so much that whoever is reading feels like he knows you and that you understand the problems they are facing which need solution and already he can imagine you working there.

Applying for a job, I would say is just like pitching a business; you can never tell which of the content will be the bait. Therefore, with a good writing skill, you can communicate clearly your importance and even “sell” yourself.

Outlining, writing formats , paragraphing as well as punctuation amidst others are things you probably already understand their use as a writer. This knowledge you even put to use to make your application essays and letters presentable and neat to go through.

Your good writing skills also have a way of helping your public speaking and presentation skill. Logical arrangement and structuring of sentences, interesting punch lines which you use in writing will help when you have to make physical appearance to defend your professionalism.

Remember, your writings may have to be seen before you are seen, therefore, a good essay writing skill is your chance to make a good impression, stand out and land the job! Walking into your reader’s office to tell him plainly why he needs you may not be quite easy, except with some exceptions. But, a letter can get to him, time and time again emphasizing your importance.