How to Make an Excellent CPA Exam Study Plan?

Have you completed your CPA Exam application? Now, you must be anxious about scheduling your test appointment. When you have your NTS I hand, what is stopping you? Before contacting the Prometric, there is something that you need to do in advance. You need to create a proper CPA Exam study plan for yourself. There are several reasons why making a good CPA Exam study plan is considered a better option. Moreover, there are some specific steps that you need to follow as well. In this post, we will help you understand how you should make an excellent CPA Exam study plan.

Steps to Making an Effective CPA Exam Study Plan

You must note that your NTS stands valid only for a limited period of time. Therefore, you must prepare your exam schedule as soon as you receive the NTS. Here are some important steps towards devising your study plan for the CPA Exam:

  • Determine Your Eagerness to Pass: How long would you want to take your CPA exam journey? Indeed, your goal must be to pass your CPA exam as soon as possible, preferably in the first attempt. Depending on your life stage, work schedule, and current familiarity with the content of the exam –you might need a proper study schedule to get through your CPA exam easily. You can make use of the following exam study plans to bring out effective results.
  • Moderate Study Plan: This is meant for those candidates who might be out of school for some time and would need refreshment on some topics. Such candidates would need a budget of around 10-12 weeks on a per section basis. By taking this approach, you can aim at completing one section per week and then, pass all the 4 sections within a year comfortably.
  • Aggressive Study Plan: If you are a recent graduate & well-versed with the accounting knowledge in the CPA Exam, then this study plan is well-suited for you. Using this study plan, you must aim at passing all the 4 sections of the CPA Exam in a matter of 6 months. By following this exam schedule, you will be able to complete your study patter within a period of 18 months. Moreover, you can also save money considerably.
  • Make Use of an Interactive Study Planner: If you wish to make the process of generating the CPA Exam Plan easier, then you can make use of the interactive study planner. A complete interactive study planner can help in streamlining your study plan while adjusting your lifestyle as well. In order to search for the best CPA Exam Study Planner, most people go for analyzing Wiley Vs. Becker CPA Most of the CPA Exam reviews consist of an interactive study planner that aims at offering you customized study agenda by adjusting to your daily life schedules, while preparing you at the same time. With helpful reminders & modifiable due dates, an interactive study planner can help you in keeping track of your CPA success.
  • Evaluate the Current Schedule: How are you currently spending your time towards CPA exam preparation? Analyze the current schedule of your CPA exam preparation. Make a timeline of how much time you spend each week on activities like sleeping, eating, exercising, attending classes, relaxing, and so more. Try adjusting your agenda towards accommodating the CPA Exam study plans. Include all the major commitments in your study schedule. This will maximize your amount of time that you spend on the overall exam preparation.
  • Keep Away 1-2 Hours For Studying Each Day: Out of the total 140-150 hours of approximate preparation per exam section, you must take away 1-2 hours each day for studying. However, you must also be prepared to study some little hours more as & when required for a comprehensive study. Try incorporating the CPA Exam review into your daily study routine that will help you stay in the given exam mode until the final exam date.

A proper, detailed CPA Exam Study Plan can help you in overcoming procrastination & boosting your motivation to prepare well for the CPA Exam. All the best!