The Top Creative Occupations for Students Who Study Design

Design creates heavy impact across all kinds of industries, that’s why designers play very important roles in the development of the society. It is design that determines how trends will influence consumer behavior and utilize it when creating something that drives profit. 

Studying design has become a popular choice in this day and age with all the advances in technology and businesses becoming so competitive with one another. But once you graduate with that design degree you are going to want to look into these top creative occupations for students who have studied design. 

Graphic Designer 

A graphic designer is both an exciting and rewarding job for those who have a degree in design. Many graphic designers work for a design agency and often turn a businesses ideas into a vision that is easy to understand. Graphic designers may design everything from logos to brand identities, to marketing materials. Many design agency graphic designers, work with designing for print media and digital and really get the chance to work with great companies and individuals while allowing their creative juices to flow. 

Some graphic designers even do advertising pamphlets and full spreads in magazines, which means that their job is never boring or mundane. 

Website Designer

Closely related to the graphic designer is a career in website design. Website designers not only need to be able to bring forth their skills as a graphic designer to create an eye-catching website that encourages visitors to stay on a site longer and enhance the users experience, but they also need to learn code in order to put together an entire website for businesses or individuals. A website designer can work on their own or also work as part of website designing agency. 

Food Stylist

One might think that study design has little or anything to do with food, but a design degree, and some experience in photography and a professional kitchen can lead to the exciting job of becoming a food stylist. A food stylist works with professional photographs to make foods look their very best so that when the food is shot for magazines, or movies, or other recipe books the food encourages the people who are viewing the photos to want to actually try the food pictured. People who have studied designed understand about color, and how to make textures stand out as well as how to arrange the food artfully to show it off to its best advantage. 


If you add a few photography classes to your design degree you may well find yourself with a career in photograph. Whether you are doing wedding photography, portraits, or filming events having that degree in design will certainly aid you in choosing the best backdrops and setting up those award winning shots that will make the people who hire you pleased with your work and willing to pay good money for your services. 

The simple fact is that design plays a major part in modern day life and those students smart enough to study design will find that they can take their degree to some expected career opportunities with good pay and where their skills will help them earn excellent money.

Creative Directors

They are the heart of creative and advertising agencies and global brands. Creative Directors are the mainly responsible for shaping the brand’s image and future, the creative visionary who pioneers and foresees the creative trends in the coming years. Creative directors have the most hectic schedules and huge responsibilities because they handle the creative team and monitor all creative campaigns and decide the creative direction for a roster of brands and clients which creates a large impact on the overall reputation on the business. 

To become a creative director, it’s not enough to be creative. After all, this is the most high-paying job for someone who had adequate education, proven creative expertise and extensive years of diverse experience in the creative industry – you’re in great luck if you nab this kind of position. 

Digital Art Director

If you’re into all things that are digital, then this is the perfect fit for you. Due to the increasing demand of brands to become active in the digital dimension, agencies and brands created the position of assigning a creative individual who will take over their digital accounts. From ideation to finished outputs, digital art directors are the ones in-charge of pioneering the creative concept across all digital marketing channels and making sure that they create holistic experiences and effective enough to drive high ROI and engagement online. 

Whether its social media and online ads, video content on YouTube, email marketing templates and even augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), the digital art director is the one who’ll go hand in hand with the creatives and synchronise ideas with the digital marketing team.