The Future of Gun Ownership and Safety in The USA

The gun and ammunition industry is an industry that, like it or not, has always and continues to perform impressively well. This is especially true right now, as many other industries are suffering under the economic collapse that has come hand in hand with the now-global pandemic COVID-19. Interestingly, while in some countries and regions gun ownership is now illegal, in the nations and the like where gun ownership is still very much a concept that is intact, the interest and investment in guns and ammunition has not been this high in years.

The USA is a nation that has historically struggled with the weight of its own inability to apply and enforce much stricter gun laws after gun-related incidents have occured. In fact, this is a nation that has nearly as many mass shootings as it does days in a calendar year, every year. As if that fact alone was not harrowing enough, gun-related violence continues to escalate in the country, especially now as self isolation laws are being tightened all the time in an ongoing effort to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Stricter laws are necessary.

The issue with US gun laws and regulations

In the United States, the biggest issue with US gun laws and regulations is the fact that their penalties and severity come nowhere near close enough to meeting the adequate response given the level and consistency of gun violence in the United States. As more and more individuals around the country are involved in gun violence every other day, the issue is now well past the point of simply recommending altering current gun laws and regulations. There is now a definitive need for change. In fact, the time for change was yesteryear, but you know what they say…‘better late than never’.

How some individuals are ruining gun ownership for all

Taking active and consistent measures to ensure gun safety is, for most individuals, quite simple. It must be noted that there are also some individuals who unfortunately are blatantly irresponsible (to say the least) when it comes to gun ownership. These select few individuals are most often the cause of gun-related violence and they happen to be the very same individuals who ruin gun ownership for everyone else. This is unfair however it is a motion that has proven time and again to not only be present but to be prominent in the United States of America.

Careful consideration for the future of US gun safety

The future of gun ownership and safety in the USA is uncertain, largely because the country functions under a government that for whatever ridiculous reason simply refuses to tighten gun control laws and regulations to the necessary measures to improve gun safety throughout the nation. The only certainty when it comes to the future of gun ownership and safety in America is that there is no certainty until the government steps up and does its job in protecting and preserving the most precious gift we all have - life in all its forms.