How to Enhance Your Online Physics Tuition Sessions

A lot has been said about Corona Pandemic and its ramifications throughout the world in every conceivable sector. Education is one of them, and Singapore is no exception. As a part of the ongoing preventive and precautionary measures against Corona Pandemic, our Government's COVID-19 Circuit Breaker  policy has been put into action and from Special Education to primary schools including secondary, pre-university and every institute in between have been advised to shift their activities to full Home-Based Learning (HBL). As our Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said,

"HBL is a fall back when schools are suspended; it cannot be a prolonged substitute for school. It is better to let everyone have a break from this intense period."

But there is a way with which we still can use this break from our regular schooling activities to benefit our persuasion of education. And that method is online tuition. There are many professional online tuition providers currently working in our ever-expanding tuition sector, and JJC Physics, Maths ChemistryTuition and  Secondary Physics, Maths, Chemistry Tuition are among the most proficient outfits.

Unless you are an Albert Einstein in disguise or a prodigy in Physics, everybody can be better off with help with the subject from time to time. Physics itself is a demanding customer to handle even at your most convenient, but have you ever wondered how you will fare when you are left with a stranger to get help about the subject via your computer with sometimes fluctuating internet connection? This might have felt like a daunting task at first, but if you follow a few simple steps jotted down below, you might be able to enhance your online Physics tuition sessions exponentially.

Being Nervous is Ok:

You might be thinking this is a bit of a stretch to believe, but let me assure you this by saying that your online tutor is as anxious as you are. Though I have enough experience giving online tuition, I still feel Goosebumps at the beginning of every session with a new student. So, you need to be patient and don't feel embarrassed or disheartened by experiencing any hiccups from either side. If you can keep yourself calm and composed, it will be resonated, and your teacher will get back to the track pretty quickly. Because both of you now know your respective roles, and as soon as that happens, every second of your online physics tuition session will be fruitful.  

Expect Less, And Accept the Reality: 

No one has ever thought about our modern world being so helplessly brought knelt. So we were never prepared. Though we have the infrastructure in place, pioneers already in the scenario, and fast-moving culture to adopt quickly, a student's learning should never be contained within four walls with a fast internet connection. In essence, we are not yet ready to reap the full benefits of a newer practice. So the online tuition you are getting might not be up to the standard again. Most of us are still trying not to get left alone in a dynamically changing atmosphere. You might have to endure shaky slides, awkward gestures, inaudible gibberish etc. But if you are willing to be realistic and commit yourself fully, there is a perfect chance you won't be wasting your money and, more importantly, your time.

Know What You Are Getting Into:

This is very easy, but most of the time, students fail to do that. It's more like `you fail to plan; you plan to fail.` Since you know you are going to get an online tuition, get yourself ready. Make sure you know the technical tidbits and give yourself an orientation by making test runs, familiarizing with the software etc and to me, the most important is to know about what you are going to get an education. If it's going to be a class about Newtonian Mechanics, know the laws of Newton's beforehand, memorize the simple definitions about motion, force, velocity, etc. In short, see what you don't know and know what you are going to ask about the unknown. Believe me, when I say this, if you can do the things that I've just mentioned, you can be sure that your online Physics tuition is going to be an enhanced one.

Get Your Logistics Sorted:

It's a pretty straight forward preparatory task. Make sure your hard wire is operating smoothly. A fast and uninterrupted connection is a must, because that will ensure the quality of the video you will be seeing and the clarity of the audio you will be hearing. And as always, be absolutely sure that something will go wrong at the most inappropriate of times. Your job will not be panicked at all. Your router could be unplugged from the socket, your four-year-old younger brother could throw a vicious jab despite everyone's attempt to keep him at bay, and honestly, the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is apologize and start over - log yourself back into the session, ask politely what you have missed, and request to bring you up to date.

Make Your Background Respectful:

That's the least you can do to make your tutor comfortable. You and an inappropriate poster or scattered around laundries in the same frame is big no-no. Be careful about the audio you are using. You wouldn't want your tutor to know about mother's shouting to your brother. And also, you need to make your family members know about your having online tuition sessions. That will help keep all the unwanted disturbance to a minimum.

Engage Yourself Wholeheartedly:

Since you are the one spending money on education, you must engage yourself completely. When you are in the session, you should be in that session only. So you need to log off from all the other virtual connections you usually make- be it Facebooking or any communicating with anyone other than your teacher. Learning is essentially a two way process and it largely depends on you whether and how you are getting anything out of the session. So, put everything you've got on the table, let the tutor know what you know and don't know, ask anything, and everything that you think will help you learn. You should remember that in the end, you are the one who will be enhanced with knowledge.  

You see, you have nothing too challenging to achieve an Enhanced Online Physics Tuition Session. Keep your patience with a welcoming mind, and do not worry about a learning curve that seems steep. And feel good about yourself by joining in the session, as you are contributing to maintain the Corona Curve flat.