Basics Of Writing An Excellent Essay

Essay writing is quite a common academic task in high school and colleges. Every year, the high school and college students are required to write informative, well-researched essays that can help them excel academically. Essays are referred to as the short pieces of academic writing that can help in expressing the information as well as the opinion of the writers. An essay is also regarded as a written composition wherein you are required to express a specific idea, and then support the same with proper statements, facts, explanations, and analysis. The basic format of the essay referred to as the five-para essay –however, an essay can have as many paragraphs as possible to deliver the right meaning of the entire essay. Any typical essay is known to contain three major parts –an introduction, the main body, and a proper conclusion.

Kinds of Essays

For some individuals out there, writing an essay is as simple as sitting down and starting to write –however, it is much more than the hype. Writing a proper essay involves in-depth planning and doing proper research with respect to the given topic. The first step towards writing a perfect essay is deciding the type of essay that you have to write. There are several different types of essays depending on the specific type structure as follows:

  • Narrative Essays: Impart specific information or tell a proper story about the particular subject in a simple, orderly manner.
  • Descriptive Essays: It aims at focusing on the specific details about the particular topic.
  • Persuasive Essays: It aims at convincing the readers over some point or topic.
  • Comparative Essays: This type of essay aims at comparing two or more topics or opinions.
  • Expository Essays: It helps in explaining the readers on how to complete a given process.

When you know what type of essay you are writing, it can help you in deciding the overall structure of the essay in the best possible manner.

Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

If you are looking forward to writing an excellent essay for your academic writing work, here are some points to consider:

  • Select a Proper Topic: The chances are that you might have received a proper topic for essay writing. However, if you not have received a topic to write upon, you must aim at coming up with a proper topic to write your essay perfectly. When you are selecting the topic for your article, you would like to make sure that the topic is able to support the specific type of paper you are writing. If you are writing an essay with a general overview, then selecting a general topic would suffice. Otherwise, you should aim at selecting a specific topic.
  • Organize the Ideas into an Outline: There are some students who fear to start writing the essay. As such, creating a proper outline or diagram of the essay in advance can help in getting an idea of the overall structure of the essay. Whether you are making use of an outline or the diagram, there is particularly no difference in the two. The main aim should be to differentiate the topic of the essay into different sections such that it becomes easier for you start writing the same.
  • Develop a Proper Thesis Statement: Once you have the proper idea of the overall structure of the essay, it is now time to develop the given thesis statement for the same. A thesis statement is known for stating or outlining what the writer wishes to convey or prove in the given essay. A good thesis statement should be precise, concise, clean, and specific. Moreover, a thesis statement also helps in establishing a proper position for your essay. A thesis statement is known to consist of two important components including the topic and the points of the essay.
  • Write Your Essay & Edit: Once you are done with developing the proper thesis statement for the essay, you can move ahead with writing the essay in detail. Right from writing the proper introduction, the main body, and the conclusion of the essay to editing and proofreading the same –you must aim at not missing out any vital step that calls for the construction of a perfect essay on the given topic.

Once your essay is ready, go through the same again & again to rectify the mistakes (if any). You must also check the overall structure of the essay for ensuring that the flow is right. Check for any grammar issues and spelling errors and get rid of the same as soon as possible.

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