Top Cuisines Every Beginner Cook Should Master

Are you searching for some tips to become a pro cook? Cooking nowadays is considered to be more as an art and why not? After all, not everyone can master the delicious cuisines, can you? Be it French cuisines or an Italian recipe that you always dreamt of preparing on your own, there isn't any dish which you can't cook and especially in this technology-driven world where all that you have to do is just open your smartphone, search the recipe you want to try, collect required ingredients, follow the chef, and that's it! Your favorite dish is all set to be served.

Sounds pretty easy? Well, it isn’t that easy how it looks. There isn’t any surety of whether or not you’ll end up preparing your dish with same color, flavor, and taste as your chef did. But fret not! We’re here to help you out. Whether you’re partaking in some chef-based competition or you’re simply looking for a guide to become a good cook, this article has all the famous yet easy cuisines that every beginner can master.


All set to walk into your kitchen and let your hands get dirty? Well, pizza is the best dish to start with. It is no more surprising to say that pizza, though being a junk food, is one of the most preferred dishes to every second fast-food lover out there. And what can be better than cooking this yummy dish on your own and getting amazing compliments from your guests? Willing to learn pizza recipe? is there to teach you the perfect and simplest way to cook this delicious cuisine at home.

Roast Chicken

One of my favorite cuisines and probably yours, isn’t it? Whether you’re tackling hot summer days or you’re looking for some warm and spicy meal to come out of that ‘I am freezing’ phase, roast chicken is just the right dish for you. And roast chicken full of your favorite veggies is like the cherry on the cake. Mastering roast chicken is undeniably art. But the good news is you don't need a cast-iron chicken roaster for it, rather a basic roasting pan would work.

Try to add root vegetables, pepper, orange or lemon juice, and even a small amount of rosemary in the chicken to spice it up. Don’t forget to slice the root veggies before putting it in the pan. It usually takes 40 minutes to an hour to get ready; however, it might take longer depending on the actual size of your raw chicken.

Apple Pie

Looks quite easy? It is not! Dealing with Apple (considering the fact that fruits are 90 percent water) is definitely a challenging task. You got to peel the apple off, remove the seeds, and observe the apples while they are cooking so that they neither remain too squishy not too firm. Apple pie might get crumpled when you cook them, but still, they can be delicious if prepared properly.

Cream-based Soup

All sorts of cream-based soup comprise the same ingredients that include your favorite veggies, garlic, onions, your preferred liquid, cream, and then butter. The main point is how are you going to complete it in the end? What amount of salt should you put in? Did you just sprinkle excessive acid? Well, you don’t have to worry about all these factors as long as you’re taking the professional cooking classes at


Yet another mouth-watering but simple recipe for beginners to start their cooking practice with. If baking is something that excites you the most, marshmallows are the right bakery item you should go for. As discussed above, marshmallow recipe is pretty easy with all that you gotta do is ‘blend corn syrup, water, and sugar and boil the content to about 250 degrees to make it harder. Let the syrup get cool to 200 degrees and as soon as it gets cool, put it into a mixer together with gelatin. Whip the syrup thoroughly, place it into your baking pan, and let it cool. Your marshmallows are ready to be served.

Garden Salad

Regardless of what spicy dish you’re having in your meal, garden salad is all that can make your cuisine even more interesting. To master your, salad you really need to learn how to make the perfect vinaigrette without overdoing it. It is indeed super easy to prepare.  Grab a mortal and a crusher, grind garlic, sprinkle a small amount of salt in the paste along with fresh vinegar, whip it in olive oil, pepper, salt, chop a shallot, and that’s it!

So do you want to master the first ever cuisine but don't know which dish should you try your skills with? Opt for any of the above-listed cuisines and be ready to digest the overwhelming reaction of your guests.