Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Rock Style and Storage

Bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the house and needs to be arranged in a way that it looks appealing and provides the required functionality as expected. You can start with bathroom remodeling if you want to change the design of your space completely. Also, if you are someone who is specific about the decor of the house, then you should definitely watch out the bathroom space and make sure that it is decked up well.

Furthermore, here are some of the bathroom vanity ideas that you can adopt in your home:

Go for Custom-Made Vanity

Planning is required when you are considering the bathroom especially when you are considering to build a small bathroom space where every corner area counts. In case you choose a space in which you cannot accommodate a vanity that does not fit well, then you might end up wasting some valuable space. There are several design moves which can help in creating an illusion of bigger bathroom space, and a floating space is one of them. You would also be able to clean the floor easily with the help of this design. Consult an interior designer before you plan to remodel your bathroom so that you can check out various options that would be perfect to use in your homes.

Using the custom-made vanity would add a unique entity into your space that has a personal touch to it and would be unique to your home space.

Use Drawers Instead of Doors

If you have a small basement bathroom, you should use light finishes that would help in making the windowless space more bright and airy. You can also use the small space by placing the essential items in the corner. Moreover, you can also use the cabinet doors that won't open against the wall as the drawers would do just fine. You can even use storage baskets as they would add more storage to space. By accommodating drawers you would be able to save on a lot of space that might be taken by the doors.

Use the Open Towel Shelf

The wall-mounted sinks and counters are ideal when you are considering small bathrooms. However, they somewhat lack storage space which makes it hard to store them properly. Once you are done setting it up, you can accommodate towels in that space. You can choose the design of the towel shelf according to the interiors of your bathroom so that it gets along with other accessories in that space.

Make Sure that You Use Built-in Lighting

Once you are done browsing the vanity ideas, you will need to figure out about the lighting as it is another crucial aspect that you need to look out for. You can choose an electric mirror that would give plenty of light that would be perfect for task lighting and would need an additional light fixture that would allow maximum mirror space. The vanity that you find today is around 60 inches long and can also reach the length of the bathroom. In fact, the faucets sit at an angle that can be used at the side of the sink and can fit easily into that space.

Use Matching Materials

Small houses often have small bathrooms which is why building them is somewhat cost-effective. You can use pin wood floors along with the wood finishes that can be used for kitchen cabinets. Mirrors can serve as a great design aid especially the ones that have a dark background. In addition, the light coming from the source can create an illusion of lighter and brighter space.

Also, using similar furniture materials would not give an odd appearance, and your bathroom decor would certainly look ideal.

Use the TV Console as Vanity

The TV console runs long and can be accommodated in a small bathroom to serve as a space for accommodating the wash basins. You can even use it as a space for keeping the dressing table items and use it below the mirrors. Moreover, you will get plenty of space below it to keep the bathroom accessories safe. Using the console table would not look good for placing them inside the bathroom but would also be ideal for placing the accessories inside them.

Another idea is to fill the small slot that is present between the vanity and the wall with the chest of drawers that are shorter in size. Moreover, you can also use the available space in the wall by creating a counter that is short enough and would be perfect for a family that has kids.

You can pick any of the options that are listed above and choose the one that would suit your bathroom space the best.