How Does Online Tuition Work? Online Tuition

By eliminating the need to travel and offering more flexible choices, online tuition is increasingly becoming the most preferred tuition choice amongst the children today. 

‘e-Learning’ is the new buzzword that has totally disrupted the entire education industry. With digitization outpacing all spheres of life, online tuition is becoming a new normal in the learning and education domain. According to Statista, more than 50% of the students ranging between 21-30 years prefer using online learning materials or courses. The numbers are still counting.      

Online and remote learning is quickly becoming one of the most preferred tuition choices amongst students today. The adaptive virtual environment, innovative pedagogies and real-time feedback system of online tuition have triggered a modern and systematic approach to learning. Using the most advanced software and technology, online tuition has successfully bridged the gap between students and teachers.  

Let’s check out several advantages of online tuitions that offline tutoring fails to achieve.  

Increased flexibility

Slow learners are the real sufferers when it comes to offline tutoring. Online tuition enables the student and the teacher to set their own learning speed. With online accessibility of lecture recordings, the students can pace up and grasp things quickly by watching them again and again.  

Highly cost-effective 

We all know that education is indeed a costly affair. Apart from the tuition fees, you need to pay for cafeteria bills, parking charges, activity fees and many other uncountable charges. Most of the parents end up opting for study loans for their children. Repaying these loans is the toughest and challenging part!   

Online tuition requires paying only for your studies and nothing else. Also, the students are allowed to study from the comfort of their homes, a lot of time and money are saved. Attending offline tuitions is both financially and physically draining as you need to travel and steer through the traffic to reach your destination. 

Convenient & Accessible  

Being digitized, you just need your laptop and internet to power your online tuition experience. The best part is that students can choose their own preferred time slot for their learning program. This helps them to strike a balance between their school activities, routine chores and aim for better personal development. 

Personalized learning experience 

Online tuition is usually smaller in size as compared to regular school classrooms and offline tuitions. This encourages better interaction between the student and the teacher resulting in accurate and better feedback.  

Experience the change with TEL Gurus 

At, TEL Gurus we believe that every child has its own learning abilities and strengths. Our certified experts and mentors not only make your child exam-ready but also help them to get a good grasp on the subject's core concepts. Our Gurus just don’t teach rather they nourish your child’s strengths, empower creativity and unleash their hidden talents to prepare them for a better tomorrow.       

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