The Love – 20 Signs Of A Perfect Relationship

Even though divorce rates keep going up and loneliness is becoming epidemic, you can still meet couples who seem to have managed to build what can be called a perfect relationship. According to spellshelp, every fourth marriage and 3 out of 5 love affairs fall apart. Unfortunately, when people realize they have made a mistake, it is usually too late to change anything. 

This article has been written, above all, for the people who do not know yet their relationship is perfect, so they think about ending it once in a while. Well, probably you should take a closer look at the person you are dating because it is quite likely this person is the one you can be happy with in the long run. To help you figure it out, below are 20 signs of a perfect relationship.
  1. You feel safe with your partner because you know you will be taken care of and supported no matter what. 
  2. You cannot help thinking there is something mystical about your relationship. You know your relationship is not an accident, you are destined to be together, or you met each other thanks to some love spell, which is not true of course, but these feelings are too strong to ignore. 
  3. There are some invisible bonds between you and your partner. Thus, you can feel each other at a distance. You take your phone in your hand 3 seconds before you get a call from your partner. You can foresee changes in your partner’s feelings for you and you know for sure when your partner loves you more or less than usual. 
  4. You never feel ashamed or awkward around your partner. You are who you are with this person and you do not need to pretend to be someone else. You can be yourself and be honest with your partner. When you screw up, your partner turns it into a joke and never blames you for anything.
  5.  Your partner always tries to do something nice to you. Your partner thinks about you and remembers what your dreams are, so you always really like the gifts and surprises you get from your partner. Your partner knows what you want. 
  6. Similarly, you know your partner very well. However, this knowledge can be useless or even harmful to your relationship, unless you have done something nice for your partner in not more than three weeks. 
  7. You never get bored when you are together. You never feel like spending a weekend apart or taking a break from your relationship. On the contrary, you want to spend as much time together as possible. You are drawn to each other as if one of the love spells has been put on you which neither you nor your partner can resist. 
  8. You make plans for the future. When you think about what your life will be in a month, six months or in a year, you always picture yourself together with your partner. Your partner mentions you as well while talking about the future. At least this is the way your partner sees it. 
  9. It is okay for you to talk about your ex’s. Neither of you ever compares the other to any of your ex’s. By the way, you should remember that regardless of what you say about your ex, it still works to your disadvantage because it only means one thing – you are still thinking about your ex. 
  10. You are okay without sex. You can go for two or three weeks without it. If your partner is mad at you for not wanting to have sex, think if you really want to be with a person like this who does not respect you enough. 
  11. Yes, you fight from time to time. You can even shout and curse at each other, but it does not matter. What matters is how fast you make up. The sooner it happens and you forget about your fight and move on, the better you are as a couple. For example, if your relationship is actually perfect (you are so happy together that people assume you have used a love spell), you can smile at each other two minutes after having a big fight. 
  12. Now let us check out your social media account. It turns out you have not updated it for a while by posting new photos and videos. It is a great sign indicating you enjoy your real life more than the virtual one. 
  13. At the same time, it is okay for you to be away from each other for some time if that is what you have to do. You are not terrified by it and know that you will be rewarded for it eventually when you see each other again and get to enjoy each other’s company. 
  14. You do not gossip about each other while talking to others. You want to protect each other. Besides, it is your personal life and you want to keep it private. 
  15. You help each other with money, advice and just general support in life. 
  16. You know you can rely on each other when one of you gets sick. 
  17. Importantly, you are very comfortable sleeping with each other, no matter how narrow the bed is. There is one thing though which does not indicate your relationship is not perfect. If your partner snores at night and you do not sleep well because of it, just go sleep in another room and this little change may ultimately save your relationship or marriage. 
  18. You do not have to go out to have fun. You like your life the way it is and you are fine spending a month at home, as long as your loved one is with you. Well, what if you are indeed under the influence of one of the love spells and you just do not know about it yet? Trust me, this assumption is just a joke. 
  19. You have similar taste in movies, books, food, fashion, and music. 
  20. Your sex is amazing. Moreover, it keeps getting better.
That is it. But do not worry if some of the signs do not apply to your relationship. If you love your partner, you still have time to let him or her know about it and show your love.