What To Look For In A Canopy Tent

When you’re organizing your subsequent get-together, do not disregard the weather situations you may face. On a sunny and hot day, extreme temperatures can occasion your drinks to become warm while your visitors get burned. If rainfall is in the forecast, the weather may damp the outcomes of all the difficult work you place into making your celebration a triumph. This is where an awning may save the day. They are easy to use, simple to set up, and can aid spare your evening party from remorseless components. However, how do you find that ideal awning? Here’s what you’ll need to look for to ensure all your requirements are met.

Canopy sizing

Most awnings have similar four legs and aerial shield. However, the size they come in may differ exceptionally. You’ll have to contemplate what your requirements are when determining the size of your tent. Usual sizes for awning tents involve 10’x 10′ and 12’x 12’. Although there are smaller and huge sizes accessible. Remember to also contemplate about the walk-in peak of the canopy. If you have some towering visitors, you’ll desire to ensure they are not whacking their brows each time they step out or in to get some nourishment or get some shelter. Awnings with the telescopic legs for high point alteration or with the cathedral roofing will offer shelter for partygoers small and big.


The canopy and the tent’s frame can be built from a diversity of materials. The two typical materials utilized in the frame are aluminum and steel. Steel inclines to be heavier and stronger, which can be useful in windy situations. While it can erode, several models come with the powder overlay to assist safeguard from corrosion. Meanwhile, aluminum can be light and straightforward to set up. However, it is more probable to bend than steel. As for the awning itself, the most typical substance is waterproof polyester. It can come in several breadths, which will have a significant effect on the permanence and amount of water it can resist. The excessive the thickness, the powerful it should be.

There are also awnings produced of polyester with a vinyl covering. While they may cost a lot, these vinyl awnings are made to provide excellent safety from ultraviolet rays and the weather. Some vinyl awnings are also sketched to be fire resistant.

Get a leg up

Awning tents may come with either straight or slant legs. Thus you’ll need to determine which design is good for you. Slant legs are well-liked because of their appearance. However, they usually take up more space without extra safety from the elements. For instance, a 10’x 10′ awning with slope legs may have an exterior measurement of a hundred square feet. But literally, only provide sixty-four square feet of upper substance for shelter. Your other alternative is an awning with straight legs. They can be well-built and provide a safeguard from the elements. If you have an awning listed as 10’ x 10’, anticipate having a hundred square feet of upper substance for shelter.

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