Top Inventions From The Travel Industry

Inventions in the travel industry seem to be slow in coming quite possibly because the inventions for the travel industry have often been invented for other industries and simply modified for the travel industry, however here are some inventions that have taken place in the travel industry over the last decade or so. Here is a look at those inventions.

Shared Accommodations

Cheaper shared accommodations such as Airbnb was an invention that was born out of necessity. From a single apartment rental that had three guests during a conference it has grown to a huge business that covers many different countries. Other shared accommodations such as couchsurfing soon followed all offering accommodations for those who could not afford it otherwise.

Smart Suitcase

Not only have airports been attaching radio frequency chips to ensure that suitcases don't get lost, but now there is a bluetooth smart suitcase for carry on luggage that allows your carry on cases to be controlled and tracked by a app on your smart phone.

Outlets for Charging Devices on Planes

Airlines have begun placing outlets so that people can charge their phones and other devices while they are in flight. While this may seem to be a small thing it means that people can land at their destination with their devices fully charged and ready to use.

More Efficient Navigation At Airports

While it is not just one invention, a group of inventions or modifications have made it more efficient to book flights and get through the airport and onto the plane. Here is how those small inventions make flying more convenient for many people.
  • You can book your flight online
  • Your boarding pass is on your phone
  • There are check in machines so you are not waiting in line at the counter
  • There is automated clearance gates and even automated validation of boarding passes.

Online Sites that Allow You to Book Reservations in Advance

Today with so many online sites you can find a good hotel and book your reservation, choose the best places to eat and even places to visit. You can even get guided tours through your phone so you don't have to pay extra for guides to the most exciting places on earth.

Almost anything you want to know regarding the place you are going to travel to can be found online taking much of the stress out of traveling.

Robot Hospitality

One of the biggest inventions in the travel industry is the addition of AI and robots in the hospitality sector. Checking into a hotel you may find yourself checked in by a very human like robot. You may even find them bringing their room orders.

Robots may give tours of various places of interest rather than real people. These robots are often programmed to shake hands and even answer common questions. Some are being designed to offer comfort.

No one knows how many good inventions for the travel industry have gone unrealized because they do not know how to bring their invention ideas to fruition. Over the last several years InventHelp has been helping both new and established inventors bring their inventions to market. To learn more about InventHelp here are some articles that may help.