Top 10 Sustainable and Specialty Career Choices for Nurses

The 31 nursing career options are considered by a decent and inviting salary, work setting and the demand factors for professionals who intend to actualize their career dreams in nursing. The professional intellect captured in this article may act as a perfect platform for discovering your specialty career in nursing. The data is gathered from

1. Certified Dialysis Nurse

Certified dialysis is perceived as one of the fasted growing areas of specialty in a nursing career. A certified dialysis nurse has the professional competency of solving severe Kidney problems.

How to become a certified dialysis nurse?

To become a dialysis nurse, professional needs to be highly experienced regarding expertise and patient care programs. For instance, a competent and a certified dialysis nurse is required to have 2000 hours of experience in handling complications related to nephrology and dialysis patients within a time frame of two years. Additionally, a certified dialysis nurse is required to have an accomplished an extra educational program in nephrology and must have an RN license. By and large, a certified dialysis nurse must have the capability to pass a certification test that may require additional nursing help.

Latest Growth Trends in a certified dialysis nursing

The growth trends are expected to shoot to 19% to 27% by 2022.

Certified Dialysis Nurse Salary

A decent dollar amount awarded to a highly experienced and a certified dialysis nurse is $63,500 a year. 

2. Legal Nurse Consultant

A certified legal nurse has the obligation of using his/her professional insight to give consultancy services on matters of medical lawsuits. A legal nurse consultant gives a broader perspective of the entire healthcare system.

How to become a legal nurse consultant

To become a legal nurse consultant, an ambitious professional will need a registered nurse license. Besides, it is fundamental to note that BSN is not always required for this profession.

What are the job growth trends for a legal nurse consultant?

The current job growth trends stagnate at 20% but are expected to grow to 27% by 2022.

Legal nurse consultant salary

A registered legal nurse consultant earns $62,100 a year. 

3. Nurse Midwife

The professional role of a nurse midwife is to help deliver babies. In this context, a nurse midwife offers professional health care services before, during and after the baby is delivered. Such health care services are given to both the mother and the baby. Nurse-midwife has the authority to provide family planning advice as well as conducting both the prenatal and postnatal healthcare services. Besides, a nurse midwife has an obligation of performing gynecological exams.

How to become a nurse midwife

Becoming a nurse midwife requires a nursing professional to have a master of science in nursing. Additionally, a midwife specialty program will spice it up.

Job growth trends for nurse midwife.

The job growth trends for nurse midwife are expected to shoot to 31% by 2022.

Nurse midwife Salary

A nurse-midwife earns $79,000 a year. 

4. Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist has the professional authority to provide anesthesia to patients during the surgery process. Besides, anesthetists offer healthcare services to patients during their entire time in the operation.

How to become a nurse anesthetist

Becoming a nurse anesthetist requires a professional to have a minimum of two years’ experience as a nurse. Also, it is necessary that any professional with the intention of becoming an anesthetist must have a BSN before getting the opportunity to register as an MSN in anesthesia nursing program. It may also be an idealistic requirement to have a doctoral degree.

Job growth Trends for Anesthetists

The statistical job growth trend is expected to shoot to 22% by 2022.

Nurse anesthetist Salary

A nurse anesthetist earns $154,300 a year. 

5. Nurse Case Manager

The professional role of a nurse case manager is to monitor the progress of patients regarding their response to treatment. In a case where a patient does not respond to treatment, a nurse case manager suggests alternative treatment options.

How to become a nurse case manager

A nurse case manager is expected to have a certain experience in RN-MSN programs in a bid to gain mileage in nurse case management option.

Nurse case manager salary

A nurse case manager earns $68,032 a year. 

6. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are perceived as extremely passionate professionals with the capability of teaching and offering their clinical expertise in designing, evaluating and implementing educational programs for professional nurses in colleges and universities.

How to become a nurse educator

An experienced and a highly competitive nurse educator must have a doctoral or master’s degree in nursing

Job growth trends for a nurse educator

Currently, based on the statistical projection, the job growth for nurse educators stagnates at 17% but is expected to grow to 19% by 2022.

Nurse educator salary

The most competent and highly experienced nurse educator earns $65,000 a year. 

7. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners must provide both primary and specialty healthcare services. In most cases, nurse practitioners collaborate with medics. However, some developed states award nurse practitioners the opportunity to own their clinics.

How to become a nurse practitioner

It is a fundamental requirement that a nurse practitioner must have an RN license and a master’s degree in nursing.

Job growth trends for nurse practitioners

Based on the statistical projection, the job growth trend for nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 25% in the year 2022

Nurse practitioners Salary

A nurse practitioner earns $94,000 a year. 

8. Nurse Researcher

The professional obligation of a nurse researcher is to create reports on the data gathered and the analytics executed in the field of nursing. The principal requirement of a nurse researcher is to improve medical and health care services in every corner of the globe.

How to become a nurse researcher

In as much as a registered nurse with a background in BSN have the advantage of getting the position of a nurse researcher, a nursing professional with a master’s degree in nursing stands a better chance of getting this job. Besides, getting an opportunity to become a nurse researcher requires additional guidance from professional homework helpers in the field of nursing.

Job growth trends for nurse researcher

The trend is expected to shoot to 26% by 2022

Nurse Researcher Salary

A nurse researcher earns $90,000 a year. 

9. Informatics Nurse

Informatics nurses are data analysts who provide data on health care services to medics. Informatics nurses also offer training programs for nurses, patients, doctors and the entire health care providers on matters of updated applications 

How to become an informatics nurse

To become an informatics nurse, a professional must have at least a BSN. However, professionals with a master’s degree in health informatics stand a better chance of getting this job. Additionally, professionals with an MSN in quality healthcare management may quickly reach the position of an informatics nurse. 

Job growth trends for the position of an informatics nurse

The trend is expected to grow up to 26% in the year 2022. 


An informatics nurse earns $83,000 a year. 

10. Endocrinology Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses who are specialized in handling issues related to endocrinology have the obligation of providing special healthcare attention to children who have registered extreme suffering in disorders tampering with their endocrine system. Besides, a pediatric endocrinology nurse has a role in educating parents about issues related to sexual development. 

How to become a pediatric endocrinology nurse

A pediatric endocrinology nurse must have an RN license as well as a two years experience in pediatric-endocrinology issues. 

Job growth trends

The trend is expected to grow to 26% in the year 2022. 


A pediatric endocrinology nurse earns $81,000 a year.