How Has CBD Conquered The Beauty Industry

CBD has taken over the pharmaceutical market, but recently you will have noticed that almost all beauty products you purchase will have CBD listed somewhere in the ingredients. What is it the reason behind this sudden change?

From celebrities such as Emma Roberts promoting the use of CBD oil to big companies such as Vertly, Flora + and Barneys all have been promoting the use of CBD. Neman Marcus has a whole line that sells CBD powder creams and serums. The CBD trend has spread quicker than a fire in the forest.

By 2025, the American CBD market may be worth 16 billion dollars . And the stock market already holds several companies bringing in billions of dollars in revenue, Canopy Growth Corporation has invested over 7 billion dollars in their operations and is considered one of the hottest stocks to trade in 2019. What is CBD? And why is it used in almost everything? These are the two questions that may strike your mind. Read carefully to find out how it all happened.

CBD just like many other natural cannabinoids, is a natural extract from the Sativa plant. It is well known for its relaxation properties. So does it relax the muscles? Yes, it does. Initially, there was less research on CBD, and the primary focus remained on THC as the main ingredient extracted from the Sativa plant. Later in 2018, studies claimed that CBD has many positive effects.

About 9% of the world’s population is known to have acne. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and redness caused by acne . Similarly, it also has its ability to adjust to sebum; which is made by the skin. However, the sebum may get clogged in the pores along with dirt to form acne.

CBD also is used in many formulas such as creams and serums as a relaxant. This helps to give the consumer a more relaxed and fresh look, which ultimately makes you look young. It is an essential constituent of anti-ageing skin products that help achieve consumer a more youthful look. Recent studies have shown that CBD helps treat dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis , which have made CBD a part of many body lotion and creams. Therefore, CBD may be your one-way pass to get clear skin.

As it has been discovered that CBD has some anti-pain properties. It has been used in many massage lotions since then. Now it is also a part of pre and post-workout meals to get rid of any muscular pain. It acts as a miracle product as it also helps in treating sunburns and rashes because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

However, this industry has just recently developed. Therefore, the FDA is still looking for ways to manage it. These essential oils of weed certainly have uses that were not thought of earlier. There are other components from the Sativa plant, such as terpenes that is said to be the next thing “it” the beauty industry. They are supposed to be the part of cannabis consisting of a strong odor. Some of them have a rather pleasant smell such as limonene and pinene. It is said that combined with CBD; Terpenes might help open more channels of research and will provide consist of better pain-relieving properties.