Best Fashion Designing Courses for Students

Fashion designing courses are for those who have the instinct to look at things out of the box. If you have a passion to make creative changes in apparel or outfit regarding designs, fabric details, then you are destined to become a fashion designer. The fields like sketching garment construction, conceptualization, production and designing fashion shows are considered popular professions for fashion designers. Furthermore, PFDC is a renowned nonprofit organization that helps students by giving them awareness pertaining to fashion shows and events.

Fashion designing is a vast field so one must have clarity about the profession he dreamed of. You need to determine your profession and then you need to look for the course. 

Fashion Designing:

One of the most important and prestigious course is designed to equip students with creative thinking and brainstorming. This is the key to the course. Secondly, the course assists students to learn about trends, methods, and techniques for creating fashion design. The course consists of two portions i.e. theoretical as well as practical knowledge. One can learn about patterns, machine sewing, and digital fashion, draping, etc. after the completion of course. 

Costume Designer:

Costume designer's course helps you to create visuals of a movie. The costume designer is responsible for revealing the image of a hero. This course also instructs about the era in which the movie was taking place and portrayed the image of a hero according to this. Hence, he should keep in mind this thing while constructing the design of the costume. 

Fashion Merchandise:

This course is intended to give students knowledge about ongoing trends. It also gives them a solid understanding of business insight. The strong textile science behind this program helps students to have a unique understanding of the construction of the garment. Furthermore, the course also stresses numerical and data analysis, skills and knowledge that are essential to fashion buying. Consequently, the students who complete this course develop the skills and knowledge which are needed for a fashion buying or merchandising role. 

Textile Designing Course:

The course is designed to help students by giving them a brief knowledge of fabric construction, surface treatments, color, pattern and trend forecast as these are the basics of textile designing. Students who are enrolled in this course are trained to face challenges relating to industry and economy, individual and society, techniques and technologies. Therefore, if one has a passion for textile designing, one should definitely go for it.  

Fashion Stylist:

This is the most glamorous course which is designed in a way to focus on enhancing a person’s current look by choosing the most suitable clothing and accessories for him which complements his features and color tones. It is intended to provide students the sense of selecting appropriate garments, hairstyles, skincare, and etiquette. After completing the course, students will have a better understanding of elements of style and trends, wardrobe styling, personal styling, makeovers, fashion, and design process. 

Gem and Jewelry Design:

The course offers a highly creative understanding of jewelry within the parameters of tradition and modernity. The universities which offer this course usually have state of the art workshops in which students do experiments. Students learn handcraft techniques, jewelry design, metallurgical sciences, digital visualization, drafting, and gemology, etc. Thus, the course is suitable for those who have a passion for jewelry and ornaments.