The Appeal Of Genealogical DNA Testing

Genealogical testing is a remarkable practice that, quite frankly, would not have been even remotely possible without ongoing advancements and consistent drives to create the foundations that have built up this incredible industry. The wonder of genealogical testing is that it weaves an intricate web of in-depth understanding of an individual’s genetic make-up as well as an insight into the past that has assisted in the growth of that individual. Once the stuff of books and movies, today this technology is not only real, but it is more advanced and more promising than it has ever been.

This is the beginning of a remarkable journey in genealogical testing, and it is all thanks to the determined drive to continue learning and exploring these advancements. Taking a DNA test to learn more about yourself and the genetic history of your past and the past of those you are related to (both past and present) is an incredible testament to the sheer power of getting to know who we are and taking the active and consistent steps to make that self awareness possible. A massive part of that is understanding why genealogical DNA testing is so appealing to individuals from around the globe.

Diving into the statistics behind the science

There is something comforting in diving into the statistics behind the science of genealogical DNA testing. This type of DNA testing is specifically geared towards transforming the ways that people learn about and understand themselves as well as their heritage and all the background noise too. Interestingly, every individual inherits around 25% of their genetic make-up from their grandparents, 12.5% from their great-grandparents, and a significantly larger percentage from their immediate parentage. Just a few of the many statistics surrounding genealogical DNA testing, these points drive home the incredible scope of discovery and understanding that comes hand in hand with genetic testing.

Taking the initiative to get to know yourself

Undergoing genetic testing is all about taking the initiative to get to know yourself. Of course, everyone generally knows themselves pretty well, but the key difference that sets genetic testing apart from just generally getting to know yourself, is that science is actively and consistently working behind the scenes in genetic testing to back up every piece of information that you find out. More than anything else, genealogical DNA testing is about bridging together the gaps in one’s personal history in proven and valued ways.

Working towards a more wholesome future for all

Underneath it all, the appeal of genealogical DNA testing is largely the shift towards a more wholesome future for everyone. Genealogical DNA testing can uncover family history of health issues, and it can reveal incredible history of individuals long dead who influence life as one knows it, simply by being proven connections. The future of genetic testing and in-depth and ongoing exploration has never been as bright as it is today, and most excitingly of all, this is just the start. The best is yet to come. If that is not something to celebrate and be excited by, what is?