Successful Medical Inventions That Appeared on Shark Tank

If you are an inventor or just love hearing about new inventions you have probably seen the show “Shark Tank.”  It’s where people who own startups or have invented some sort of product or service try to get the team on the show to buy into their items and help them get them into production.

These days people are highly interested in medical inventions, and here are several medical related inventions that were seen on the show Shark Tank that became a success after being on the show:

The Breathometer

Drunk driving is a serious offense that can cost money and lives. One team came on Shark Tank with a very simple solution to find out if your blood alcohol level is too high for you to be driving your car. It was very simple, and merely had to be plugged into your smartphone just like a pair of headphones. Back in 2014, it sold ten million dollars’ worth of devices. Besides the funding from Shark Tank, the device also got more funding via the Cleveland Clinic, and has been very successful since that appearance.

Ava The Elephant

Parents know how hard it is to give children medicine no matter if it is flavored or if it is horrible tasting. One inventor brought on the show a device that looked like an elephant, but was really a medicine dropper. In fact, it was one of the first successful items seen on the Shark Tank show. These days you can find Ava the Elephant in more than 10,000 retail stores worldwide.

SynDaver Labs

Medical companies need an easy way to test their devices and sometimes it can’t be done on live subjects. One such invention on the show from SynDaver Labs was called Human Patients. Despite the name, this product is a synthetic cadaver. It’s made of tissue that is very human like. They got three million bucks from the Shark Tank team to promote their invention.


Pain is something we all have, but this is an invention to make it hurt less to get an injection. It vibrates, hence its name, Buzzy. It cools down the area so the patient doesn’t feel the shot as much. Even though it was on Shark Tank, they never got any money even though the team wanted to invest it in. The inventor doctor didn’t want to change her valuation of her invention. Despite that, the device managed to get picked up and is now available in 1200 places.

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