3 Effective Ways to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

Healthy living standards are hard to maintain during the pandemic. In most cases, individuals start experiencing health issues courtesy of erratic lifestyle, irregular sleep cycles, and certainly the lingering threats associated with the illness itself. Covid19 is one such threat that has taken the entire world by surprise. The highly potent and infectious virus has affected millions and eliminated a major chunk of the global populace.

However, the pandemic doesn’t seem to stop and continues to pose several health concerns, both directly and indirectly. The direct issues include fever, breathing problems, and other life-threatening signs of the coronavirus. However, restricted movement and excessive financial stress emanating out of this pandemic have also subjected individuals to several indirect health issues.

In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about three of the best strategies to staying healthy during a pandemic, while taking care of the direct and indirect ailments that continue to cause concerns:

1. Fix the Dietary Constraints

Fixing the diet seems like a broader concept and must be discussed in detail. To start with individuals must try to minimize simple carbohydrates and increase the protein uptake of the body. The idea here is to pair plant-derived protein sources with complex carbohydrates, to keep the glycemic index on the lower side. This approach improves insulin sensitivity and decreases the chances of turning diabetic.

In the wake of the covid19-induced pandemic, it is necessary to opt for sizeable quantities and diverse sources of citrus fruits, precisely to increase the availability of Vitamin C. Besides that, it is also necessary to minimize sodium intake, sugar sources, and consumption of saturated fats. 

2. Indulge in Physical Activities

The pandemic has restricted free-willed movements with a majority of individuals not getting access to proper training. Moreover, with fitness centers closed, it is hard to remain motivated while indulging in productive physical activities. That said, we must realize that physical and mental well-being are the biggest motivators and it is necessary to exercise regularly, to keep the immune system up and running. 

A cumulative weekly session of 100 minutes is a good start to accentuate the flow of hormones while keeping cortisol discharge to a minimum. Moreover, with social distancing becoming a part of everybody’s life, we must try to inculcate the habit of exercising at home.

3. Lower Stress Levels

Stress leads to a substantial release of cortisol– a defensive hormone that aids in fat deposition, immunity reduction, and a host of other health impairing effects. However, keeping the stress levels to a minimum is highly difficult when economic distress is rendering people jobless. Therefore, to remain healthy, it is necessary to increase the intake of potassium, zinc, and magnesium— precisely to keep the stress levels to a minimum. 

Adding chamomile tea and a supplement called GABA can also play a pivotal role in stress reduction.

Staying healthy during the pandemic is necessary, especially to keep the immune system in proper condition for the threats to come. Although it is very hard to stay away from getting infected with the number of patients increasing daily, individuals can always maintain a state of physical well-being, to be able to fight and win over this unrelenting adversary.