4 Major Indications of a Toxic Work Environment

Without the involvement of the company's top leaders, a toxic work environment of the company is impossible.

The HR department should take all the responsibilities to keep the company environment fresh and healthy. An unhealthy work environment will result in a big drop in work performance of the employees. The HR team should sit with individuals to understand instances of discriminatory beliefs, lack of accountability, hostile leadership styles, retaliation and information guarding. The company environment that doesn't follow such kind of things, it becomes the most dangerous workplace for the employees.

1. Employees Aren’t Taking Or Enjoying Vacation Days

  • From the total number of employees, 54% of employees only take half of their vacation leaves.
  • Around 66% of employees can't enjoy their vacation leaves and they are reported doing work-related activities on their vacation time.

With the help of technology, people can work from anywhere. Through remote access, an employee can work from home as well, this will surely increase productivity but at the same time, a person will not get enough time to relax at home as well. Sometimes people start to work on their vacation days as well because they feel that none of their co-workers can take on their workload.

This is the responsibility of the HR team to provide a complete relaxation time to the employees during their vacation period. HR should give surety to the employees that their responsibilities will be to take care accurately. This kind of encouragement helps employees to plan a good vacation so that they can relax without keeping any kind of work tension in the mind.

2. Inappropriate Process Of Bonuses And Incentives

  • Around 76% of employees quit the job if they feel unappreciated.
  • 56% of the top level people in the company think that it's common for employees to quit the job if they feel unappreciated.

If a person is doing a good job and you are not appreciating his/her efforts, it's obvious that his/her moral will be down. The same thing happens with employees. This is the main common reason for many employees who quit the job. A big sign of a toxic work environment is when employees or the staff is not getting bonuses and incentives on time or as per the expectations.

The HR department should overview an individual's work and performance and they should develop incentive and bonus packages accordingly. Even if you give some extra paid vacation time of a small amount as a bonus, the employees will be more than happy. Appreciate employees by gifting them some branded watches or coffee mugs with the company logo. This way you can show appreciation as well as you can increase your brand awareness in the market.

3. Employees Stuck Behind A Desk All Day

  • A common job timing for any employee is around 9 hours. He/she completes the job hours by sitting at the same desk the whole day.
  • A person who spends 8 to 11 hours by sitting a day invites the premature death by 15 per cent.

As per the research, you can increase the work efficiency by 10% if you stand and work then why we work whole day by sitting down on a chair. This is scientifically proven that sitting all day increase a worker's likelihood of developing diabetes by 25%. 

Set up the office with a standing desk, this will encourage employees to work sometimes in standing position. As per the current furniture styles, you can easily convert your standing table into sitting one. So no extra space will be occupied. Employees can also relax during downtime with the sitting table. So with one table, an employee can work in a standing position and can also relax by folding the table in a sitting position.

4. Not Getting Proper Training

  • Around 40% of the workers quit the job if they feel that they are not getting appropriate training at their workplace.
  • It's a proven fact that companies who train their workers can get 202% better work compared to untrained employees.

Without appropriate training, it's impossible to increase financial turnover, employees morale, productivity and workplace safety. With a good training session, you can increase the engagement between the employees. And this is the most necessary thing in any of the organizations. It's far better to train the employees compared to just providing them with the latest tools and equipment. 

If the employees don't know how to perform particular tasks, it's really hard for them to come to the workplace every day. They can't give their 100% if they even don't know their duties well. Training is just an investment that an employer must do for the better future of the company.