All About Doksi is English language version of prominent Hungarian document sharing website The company originated in 2000, when founder Zoltan Fabian looked to create a database for sharing high school documents.

The company’s original website was a modest success, growing from hundreds of users in a single year to well over a thousand in just three years. Due to its increasing popularity, the website was revamped in 2005 under the new name Doksi.

What is Doksi?

Doksi is a document sharing platform where students and teachers can upload documents for others to use. While it originated as predominately high school level documents and essays, there are now a wide range of subjects featured at various levels.

For instance, there are study materials for medical students, with countless documents covering a huge range of medical topics available. Studies, essays, and theses are available on a huge number of medical subjects, providing medical students with a wealth of resources to help with their studies. It’s not just medical students that can benefit from using Doksi - students from high school to university can take advantage of the document sharing platform.

What Subjects are Covered on Doksi?

There are currently dozens of subjects featured on Doksi. The documents on each subject are also varied, ranging from basic high school documents to more advanced university and college level documents. 

The most prominent subjects are all covered, including the mathematics, physics, medicine, engineering, economics, sociology, law, languages, media, literature, and information technology. So, if you need to study documents covering any of these subjects, simply visit and search for the appropriate document category. The search engine is rather robust, allowing you to filter based on keywords, popularity, length etc.

Who Uploads the Documents?

Anyone can upload documents onto Doksi. Because the documents are vetted before being published, the documents are of a high standard and deemed suitable for the appropriate level of study. 

Both students and teachers upload to the website. This includes individuals from across the entire world, giving a diverse selection of documents, essays, studies, and theses. Documents are checked for copyright infringements too, meaning anyone that discovers their work on the website is free to request their removal.

How Do I Download the Document?

All documents featured on the website are available in PDF format. To download any document, create a free account on the website and wait for this to be activated - it takes a few days to process, so be sure to do it in advance if you have urgent need of documents. 

Once your account is activated, simply search for the appropriate document using the search engine, select the document and choose the download option. Users are limited to 25 documents daily and may only have one account per computer. 

Be mindful that attempting to create a different account on the same computer may lead to a permanent ban of all associated accounts on that computer.