Top 5 Asian Countries to Visit

No doubt, the allure of visiting Asian countries is high on everyone’s list. Not just for the rich culture, but simply due to the fact that everything is super cheap in relation to backpacking Europe or diving in the Maldives. There are places in Indonesia that offer the same things as the Maldives at a more affordable rate. In Thailand, you can even find little pockets of European scenery and architecture.


The beaches and its islands are Indonesia’s biggest selling points. Their national park spans over several islands and is home to the world’s largest lizards: the komodo dragon. Bali is world renowned as having some of the most beautiful spots for deep sea diving. Furthermore, being a tropical country, it boasts some of the best weather to dive in.

For those who are not keen on the water-world, you can go trekking and explore the mountainous regions of the Dani - indigenous tribes that live in the mountains and have continued to stand the test of time, changes brought on by the developing world and Christian missionaries. You will truly be immersed in a new world of tribe-life and traditional culture. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, Jakarta has some of the hottest nightlife, despite being a predominantly a Muslim nation. Plus, there is also a rather developed shopping scene. 


For the adventurous, there are the Himalayas, for the enlightened, there are yoga camps. India is a world of spices and boasts its own entertainment industry. Films from Bollywood is much enjoyed in every part of the world and have been critically acclaimed by its American counterpart. A country where traffic stop for cows and you will be stopped for photos just because you look different (embrace it!) you will be immersed in a surreal world of bright colors and deeply rooted religion. 


A country that’s relatively unheard of 20 years ago has been making a name for itself by developing its tourism industry. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, has become a tourist attraction with its hulking malls filled with branded goods as well as touting street food that is as wonderful as it is cheap. The foodie traveler will be pleased with this destination as it is home to a multitude of international cuisines.

The British have left behind their mark on the colonized country, and you will find architecture reminiscent of the colonial times all over Malaysia, especially in Borneo where there used to be White Rajahs. 


While Singapore is not as affordable as the countries listed above, it definitely deserves a place on this list simply for its multicultural and diverse cultures. Without losing the authenticity of hawker stalls and food courts, Singapore is also home to top brands that its neighbor, Malaysia, lacks, making it the ultimate shopping destination. 

Back in 2015, Singapore was Lonely Planet’s top rated destination for its wide range of attractions, efficient infrastructure and for the point listed above. The country has continued to flourish and progress and is now home to the best airport in the world complete with a butterfly garden and a cinema. The airport alone is an attraction in itself that warrants anyone to start looking at Singapore tourist visas immediately.